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Zimbabwe: The story of Zimbabwe in photos

  31 March 2008

Zimbabwe elections in pictures: “The Netherlands Institute of Southern Africa (NiZA) kindly gave us a grant to capture the Zimbabwe election in pictures. Using that grant a team of 3 journalists (two in Zimbabwe and one in South Africa) have been bringing you all the drama and action of the...

Zimbabwe: First six seats announced

  31 March 2008

First six seats to be announced officially in Zimbabwe elections: “Chegutu West MDC MT 6772 / ZPF 3713 / MDC AM 750 /, Chipinge Central ZPF 6377 / MDC MT 5862 /, Goromonzi West ZPF 6193 / MDC MT 5931 /”

Zimbabwe: What is MDC waiting for?

  31 March 2008

Bev Clark writes about elections in Zimbabwe:”But what now? What is the MDC waiting for . . . the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission’s “official” results which everyone is suspicious of? It seems odd to temper a wonderfully audacious move (claiming victory) with the predictable path of comparing results.”

Zimbabwe: Harare is tense after Tsvangirai claims victory

  30 March 2008

Following the presidential and parliamentary elections in Zimbabwe yesterday, bloggers are reporting that the situation in Harare is tense, in Bulawayo MDC supporters are celebrating (MDC candidate, Morgan Tsvangirai, has claimed victory) and all over the country there are rumours that Robert Mugabe has left the country for Mozambique.

Seychelles: Wind of change in the police force

  27 March 2008

CUHNELBALD writes about the wind of change and the Seychelles police: “Enhancing the efficiency, professionalism and performance of the Police will not be achieved on the sole declaration of good intentions from good –sounding speeches.”

Zimbabwe: Using Google Maps to show election rigging

  27 March 2008

Sokwanele uses Google Map to show election rigging in Zimbabwe: “The interactive map aims to give a visual impression of the scale and many ways in which the Zimbabwean government has breached the SADC Principles and Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections.”

Nigeria: Website for Obama

  27 March 2008

David Ajao's comments about the launching of a website for Obama in Nigeria: I regularly glance through the leading Nigerian Internet-based discussion forum Nairaland, to keep an eye on the current trends in Nigeria. Knowing the typical lack of a sense of priority of some Nigerian leaders, I wasn’t very...

Seychelles: Embassy Blog

  27 March 2008

Official blog of the Seychelles embassy: “This is the official blog of the Seychelles Embassy accredited to the European Communities and institutions, and the Benelux countries with residence in Brussels.”

Kenya: SLUM-TV

  27 March 2008

African Loft has an article about SLUM-TV in Kenya: “Operating from Mathare, the biggest slum in Kenya, the SLUM-TV was created to document the lives of the people in the slum and to ‘reevaluate’ these lives through the camera.”

Tanzania: To quit or not to quit?

  17 March 2008

Pernille is a well-known blogger from Denmark. She entered the African blogosphere scene when she started working in Uganda and blogging at “I've Left Copenhagen for Uganda”. She is now lives in Tanzania and blogs under a new name, Louder than Swahili. Last week she decided to put her blog on stand-by following comments she received via email, SMS, and phone calls, which made her uncomfortable.

Africa: Role of African languages in development

  13 March 2008

What is the role of African languages in development?: “I've been e-mailing some non-governmental organizations involved in African development about the role of African languages in their work. This is an exploratory research on a small scale that hopefully will help further research in related areas.”

Republic of Congo: Campaign for health rights

  13 March 2008

Campaigning for health rights in the Republic of Congo: “Indigenous people in all areas of Congo Brazzaville live in precarious conditions and are subjected to discrimination and marginalisation, which prevents them from benefiting from all the rights recognised by international human rights instruments, particularly the right to health care and...

Zimbabwe: Landlord's rules

  13 March 2008

These are landlord's rules in Zimbabwe: “Rule number 6 reads, “Never do laundry in the tub. Use the outside sink. Hang clothes with pegs, never without. Use the line near the mango tree.” The rules also stipulate that the tenant uses tissue paper only and not newspapers. In addition to...

Zambia: A single visa for SADCC?

  13 March 2008

Cho discusses comments from Zambia's Tourism Deputy Minister about a single visa for the SADC region: “The Univisa proposal should make the SADC region more attractive to tourists , relative to other regions, as it expands the choice available to them. The extent of these benefits will depend on the...

South Africa: Suggestions for Muti

  13 March 2008

Mike blogs about Muti: “On Muti one can also vote items down if one disapproves of the content. This is my only concern with Muti. It means that people can club together to vote content down the organic hierarchy resulting in what is being perceived as an elitist ‘clique’ owning...

Rwanda: Buying your stolen rear-view mirror

  11 March 2008

Is your rear view mirror stolen? What if you buy it back?: “So how does one handle the rear view mirror situation in Kigali? Well first, I ask the owner of the restaurant to ask his cooks whether they can’t buy the mirrors straight back from the thieves at a...

Africa: Howard's African Fashion Show

  11 March 2008

Recently, there was an African fashion show at Howards University in USA: “Part of the conference included Howard's 4th Annual African Fashion Show. Ladybrille fashion contributor Mojisola Akinyemi gives us a succint summary of her impressions of the looks off the runway.”

Ghana: Dear Kwame Nkrumah…

  11 March 2008

Nwia writes a letter to the first president of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah: “I haven't celebrated this huge day in Ghana for a long while. I don't even know how I am going to celebrate it. As you guessed, it's a holiday so most of us are staying at home. Not...