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Gambia: Gambian Hip Hop

  30 August 2007

The global reach of Hip Hop phenomenon: “This is Gambian hip-hop artist Dr Olugander, one of the opening acts of the 2nd International Sable Litfest in Bakau last month.”

Africa: Celebrating 100 posts

  30 August 2007

Fashion blog, Ladybrille, celebrates 100 posts: “Yay!!! Ladybrille celebrates its 100th post!!!! To mark our celebration, I thought it best to receive feedback from YOU, the readers. What do you like about Ladybrille's Blogazine, what are your favourite features?”

South Africa: Mandela statue in London

  30 August 2007

Nelson Mandela has a statue in London: “Attended by large crowds and graced by a gospel choir and some pomp and circumstance, a statue of Nelson Mandela was unveiled today in London, at Parliament Square, alongside those of Jan Smuts, Winston Churchill, Benjamin Disraeli and Abraham Lincoln.”

Rwanda: Reporting the plight of Gorillas in Rwanda

  28 August 2007

Dr. Lucy Spelman blogs about the plight of Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda: “I'd just started out on a hike near Visoke with friends when I got a call from Elisabeth (the ORTPN vet tech) saying that a young female gorilla in Kwitonda group had been snared and was still attached...

D.R. of Congo: The War on Charcoal

  28 August 2007

The War on Charcoal at Virunga National Park: “For the last month we have been on patrols daily to crack down on those who are making charcoal in the Southern Sector of Virunga National Park.”

Tanzania: Mobile Veterinary Unit

  28 August 2007

When Mara Mobile Veterinary Unit reached Tanzania: “We have been vaccinating domestic dogs along the escarpment (wildlife reserve boundary) and today we are happy to announce that we now reached the Tanzanian border! Total number of dogs soared up to 1,250 as of today, too!”

Africa: Crowd Sourcing the mapping of Africa

  28 August 2007

White African writes about Tracks4Africa: “Tracks4Africa is an organization based out of South Africa that has integrated their services into Google Earth. Their goal is to focus on the rural and remote areas of Africa that aren’t well defined and who’s roads, bridges and villages shift over time.”

Africa: Using ICT to promote culture

  28 August 2007

Using ICT to promote culture: “This can however only be achieved by using the ICT infrastructure as a tool in promoting science and technology education, enhancing our culture by producing local digital content and nurturing home-grown ideas.”

Gambia: The religion of sycophancy

  26 August 2007

A Gambia Professor, Ba Banutu Gomez, leaves the US and returns to Gambia, but…: “What gets under my skin though is the tendency of African intellectuals returning home and all of a sudden converting to the religion of sycophancy to fit in the system.”

Cape Verde: Cape Verde beats Egypt

  26 August 2007

Dan Klotz clebrates Cape Verde success in the African Basketball Championship: “As many of you know, most of these larger teams have better funding and support, so it really is a cinderella story when a team from a small country can beat all but the very best of an entire...

South Africa: Introducing Thought Leader

  25 August 2007

The South African Mail & Guardian has a new blogging platform: “Today the Mail & Guardian Online linked to our new blogging platform called Thought Leader so I may as well post about it here and shed some light on our strategy and thinking.”

Tanzania: The future of the East African Community

  24 August 2007

By joining SADCC instead of Comesa, Tanzania has diminished chances of a regional integration: “This was until Tanzania opted out again to join South African Development Cooperation (SADC) , allying itself to what is clearly a grouping for Southern African countries.”

Kenya: Political satire on Facebook

  24 August 2007

Kenyan political satire of Facebook: Kenyan opposition figure Raila Odinga has two facebook profiles. In one of them, his only friend appears to be the very dodgy Artur Margaryan. The other, which seems more likely to be real, says that Raila is ” Raila is Working hard to cement ODMK...