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Tanzania, Mali: NYT on the African Wikipedia

  26 August 2006

Jikomboe (Swahili) on the New York Times article about African Languages Wikipedias: “How do you create an online encyclopedia when few native speakers have access to the Internet? What use is an encyclopedia when literacy rates among a language’s speakers can approach zero? (This is not a problem for Swahili.)...

Nigeria: Solar-powered fish project

  26 August 2006

A fishing village in Nigeria uses solar powered driers to dry their fish, reports Black Looks: “Bishop Kodji, a small fishing and canoe carving island in the Atlantic Ocean off Nigeria’s sprawling commercial hub of Lagos, has become the first village to be electrified under the Lagos State government’s pilot...

Nigeria: Reviewing Obasanjo

  25 August 2006

Since he became the President of Nigeria in 1999, Obasanjo’s economic policies have not made any significant impact on the country’s economy, writes Grandiose Parlor.

South Africa: Tutu endures

  25 August 2006

Even after the end of Apartheid in South Africa, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu continues to be a champion of human dignity and justice, writes Yebo Gogo.

Tanzania: Darwin's Nightmare

  25 August 2006

Bongoland Reflections offers his views on Darwin’s Nightmare, a documentary that has stirred controversy and angered the government of Tanzania for drawing a connection between fish trade and illegal arms trade in Lake Victoria: “The documentary is an insightful look at how globalization has failed to benefit the poor. It...