Ndesanjo Macha · January, 2006

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Kiswahili Blogosphere

  19 January 2006

Mwandani is not sure whether he should be happy or sad after reading the review of the former President of Tanzania, Benjamin Mkapa, two five-year terms. Mkapa finished his second term at the end of last year. Jakaya Kikwete, his successor, was the foreign minister in Mkapa’s government. Kikwete is...

Kiswahili Blogosphere This Week

  7 January 2006

Mwandani writes about the plight of African immigrants in the West (in English and Kiswahili). His post was spotted by Ethan Zuckerman through BlogAfrica aggregator. Tanzania's leading photoblogger, Issa Michuzi, comes across “World Trade Center” in Marangu, Moshi, Tanzania. He posts a photo for Tanzanians living abroad of a Dar...