Ndesanjo Macha · December, 2005

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Kenya: Primary Education

  29 December 2005

Mental Acrobatics names the oldest person to start primary education in Kenya, Mzee Maruge, the person of the year. Mzee Maruge spoke at the United Nations about the importance of free primary education.

Voices from Kiswahili Blogosphere

  16 December 2005

Mawazo na Mawaidha from Kenya follows closely localization of different versions of computer software and programs in Swahili. This week he writes and comments briefly on the launching of Swahili Windows and Office programs. Kilinux (the Open Swahili Localization Project) released its open source Swahili office suite, Jambo Open Office,...

Kiswahili blogoshere this week

  2 December 2005

Mawazo na Mawaidha writes about the new Bob Marley CD. He specifically likes the song, Slogan, one of seven songs found in Marley’s working room. The song, which features Eric Clapton on guitar, was produced by Bob Marley’s children, Stephen and Ziggy. Dira Yangu, writing from Uganda, asks his readers...