Ndesanjo Macha · October, 2005

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Kiswahili Bloggers this week

  27 October 2005

Tanzanian Kiswahili bloggers continue to write about the presidential and parliamentary elections taking at the end of the month. Mwandani comes across an open letter of advice addressed to the “incoming president,” Jakaya Kikwete. Although Tanzanians have not yet cast their votes to elect the new president, the ruling party’s...

Latest Voices from Tanzanian Blogosphere

  21 October 2005

Three new bloggers entered Tanzanian blogosphere this month. Motowaka is a school teacher in Dar es Salaam. He writes in Kiswahili. Makene is a Kiswahili instructor in Texas, USA. He also blogs in Kiswahili as Kasri la Mwanazuoni. Fatma Karama, a Tanzanian law student in the UK, joined the other...