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Me llamo Muna Annahas, soy Paraguaya, estudie Derecho en la Universidad Nacional de Asuncion (Paraguay), hice un post grado de Derecho civil en Salamanca – España, ejerci la abogacia en Paraguay por un periodo de 3 años antes de mudarme a USA.
Comence mi blog sobre Paraguay en el 2006 y debido a la dificultad de encontrar informacion sobre Paraguay en otro idioma que no sea el español, decidi escribirlo en ingles.
Fui invitada por Global Voices para ser blogger de Paraguay.
Espero que disfruten de aprender un poco mas sobre ese pequeño y hermoso pais llamado Paraguay.

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Paraguay: President Lugo Admits Fathering a Child as Bishop

  17 April 2009

Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo recently admitted that he fathered a child when he was still a Roman Catholic bishop. This news is causing quite a stir amongst politicians, the media, and bloggers who write about the disappointment in their current leader, but also how there are much more serious problems to worry about and the comparison to acts committed by other politicians.

Paraguay: The First 100 Days of Lugo's Presidency

  9 December 2008

The first 100 days have passed since Paraguay’s elected President Fernando Lugo assumed power last August. Paraguayans were eager for a change, a change that had raised so many expectations from the new President, who was an cx-bishop and from his cabinet. Some bloggers took time to write about the first 100 days of Lugo's Presidency.

Paraguay: Breaking the World Record for Barbecue

  7 November 2008

With 26,176 kilograms of grilled beef, Paraguay entered into the Guinness record books for the biggest open-air barbeque ever. However, they didn't get there without paying a high price for it. Due to the poor organization of the huge event, many people waited in unhappy and long lines under the hot sun, and many people asked for refunds because apparently there was not enough beef for everybody. Some Paraguayan bloggers chose to point out the mistakes, but also some chose to seek the brighter side of the event.

Paraguay: Peace Corps Bloggers Share Experiences in a New Land

  16 October 2008

Paraguay’s blogosphere is growing, and everyday more locals and expats are beginning their blogs about their perceptions of their surrounding world. The Peace Corps volunteers that are working in Paraguay have an interesting point of view that are expressed in their blogs regarding the transition to a new world.

Paraguay: More Blogger Reactions to Lugo Victory

  30 April 2008

After a decisive victory in the recent Paraguayan presidential elections, local bloggers provide their thoughts on their hopes for the new government of Fernando Lugo, Others take a look at the tenure of outgoing president Nicanor Duarte, while others revel in the long awaited victory over the Colorado party.

Paraguay: Candidates Using Blogs to Reach Voters

  24 March 2008

Paraguay’s Presidential elections will be held on April 20, 2008. Many of the top presidential candidates, such as Fernando Lugo and Blanca Ovelar are using blogs as a way to communicate with potential voters. The blogs are published in one of Paraguay’s mains newspapers called Diario ABC.

Paraguay: Yellow Fever Scare Causing Long Lines

  25 February 2008

Cases of Yellow Fever have been confirmed in Paraguay, which has caused at least 8 confirmed deaths. This situation is generating a mass panic among the population and long lines are observed in front of health institutions. However, not everybody is so lucky to get vaccinated since there are not enough vaccines left. Here is what some bloggers are saying about the Yellow Fever scare in Paraguay:

Paraguay: Ex-Pat Bloggers Share New Experiences

  19 February 2008

The way foreigners see Paraguay, what, and how they feel when they first arrive to Paraguay can be quite an interesting subject. Some stay for a short time as a tourist, while others stay for a couple of years, and even some choose to live there permanently. For many, these experiences are shared with family members back home or with others within the ex-pat community in Paraguay through their blogs.

Paraguay: An Introduction to a Growing Blogosphere

  29 January 2008

Muna Annahas, a Paraguayan blogger, writes her first Global Voices Online post and provides an introduction to the Paraguayan blogosphere. She provides examples of interesting academic, political, cultural, personal, and bridge blogs written by Paraguayans at home and abroad.