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South Africa: Happy Birthday Tata Nelson Mandela

  18 July 2012

One of the world's greatest icons of the modern age, Nelson Mandela, known fondly in South Africa as Tata [father] Madiba, celebrated his 94th birthday today. His birthday has not only been celebrated offline but also online as Muhammad Karim shows.

South Africa: Malema is Out, What's Next?

  10 November 2011

South Africa's most controversial character and politician Julius Malema has been suspended from the ANC for five years. Malema is regarded by his supporters as the genuine voice of the poor in South Africa particularly with his call for nationalisation of South African mines.

South Africa's Continuous Struggle With Race

  7 March 2011

A change of government and the destruction of an entire political, cultural, social and economic system like that of Apartheid does not necessarily guarantee the destruction of its legacy. The last couple of months have seen South Africa go through an interesting dilemma and debate with regards to its race relations.

South Africa: Build up to the World Cup

  21 May 2010

With 20 days left to the the greatest spectacle showcasing the “beautiful game” in South Africa, there has been a lot of preparation going on behind the scenes and a lot of talk in the South African blogosphere on various issues surrounding the World Cup.

South Africa: Julius Malema's Reverse Racism

  14 March 2010

While the antics of President Zuma have always generated intense and lively debate in the South African blogosphere, this time it is the controversial politician and the president of the African National Congress Youth League, Julius Malema, who's making headlines. Recently, Malema led students in singing an old Anti-Apartheid struggle song called Kill the Boer.

South Africa: Yet Another Jacob Zuma Fiasco…

  9 April 2009

The hottest topic circulating the South African blogosphere is none other than the infamous Jacob Zuma (yes, him again). This time, the ANC President is making headlines not for any more embarrassing or inappropriate conduct but for clearly dodging of the charges (783 of them) made against him in an eight-year long running fraud case against him.

South Africa: Dude, Where's the Presidency?

  23 September 2008

The South African Blogosphere just sparked with the recent news of 11 Ministers and 3 deputy ministers resigning including South Africa's star minister, Trevor Manuel and The Deputy President, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka. Here's what the bloggers are saying...

South African Cartoonist Takes on ANC President

  16 September 2008

ANC President, Jacob Zuma, was recently back in the headlines as his trial on charges for corruption, amongst other things, was thrown out of court to the dismay of many South Africans but also to the cheer of his millions of supporters, particularly from parties allied to the ANC. Parallel to this, Jonathan Shapiro a.k.a. Zapiro, South Africa's foremost political cartoonist had Zuma in his sights as he published a controversial cartoon in the Sunday Times.

South Africa: Bloggers need to do more than just write

  31 May 2008

A few South African bloggers are thinking about positive steps to take with regard to the current xenophobia crisis in South Africa. Stii asks, “What can we as bloggers do about the Xenophobia crisis?” and Mike Stopforth calls on South African bloggers to do something. Meanwhile, Afrigator has launched a special Xenophobia Crisis Page.

Xenophobia Plagues South Africa

  21 May 2008

Extremely violent attacks on foreigners in South Africa in the last days have stirred the entire South African media and of course… blogs. Individual bloggers question whether the government is right to call these attacks "xenophobic", and criticize the media for being too event driven to address the causes behind the violence.

South Africa: Mbeki, No Crisis in Zimbabwe?

  18 April 2008

South African Bloggers are up in arms regarding the recent events in Zimbabwe as well as President Thabo Mbeki's statement recently that “There is no crisis in Zimbabwe”. This is a round-up of a few rants on the Zimbabwe situation and its affect on South Africans.

The South African Blog Awards

  9 April 2008

On April 2nd, The South African Blog Awards were held in Cape Town to a great turnout of bloggers and also some very inspired winners. This is a summary of posts about the award from South African bloggers.