Nish Matenjwa

I am a Kenyan mshairi (poet in Kiswahili) living in the UK dreaming of a time when the cultural, legal and political obstacles that prevent African women attaining economic independence and equality are eradicated. I would like to see the development of gender-sensitive ICT policies leading to more African women accessing and using these technologies.

I am also interested in arts and culture.

I blog about these issues and more at mshairi.

I am an administrator of the Kenyan Blogs Webring KBW.

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This week in the Kenyan blogosphere

  24 November 2006

Jamaapoa writes about the allegation that the boom in the Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE) is a result of drug money as claimed by a local politician – Mr. Raila Odinga. Jamaapoa refutes this assertion and writes: There is nothing to stop a drug dealer from using the exchange to cleanse...

This week in the African women’s blogsphere

  16 July 2006

Black Looks has been given permission to publish the remarkable story of Stephanie Adaralegbe, a transgendered Nigerian, that highlights her trials and tribulations as she prepares to attend the XVI International AIDS Conference. As Black Looks says, ”the story speaks for itself. It is special because it expresses a strength...

African women’s voices this week

  29 May 2006

Now and again, the question ‘where are African women bloggers?’ is asked by people who, despite the proliferation of African women’s blogs and the weekly updates on Global Voices, do not seem to be aware that African women are blogging and have been doing so for several years. For people...

This week in the African women’s blogsphere

  16 May 2006

As diverse as ever, African women have been writing about a range of issues. 14 May was Mother’s Day in some parts of the world and African women honoured the important women in their lives. Adaure congratulates all mothers and grandmothers and says her mother is the best anyone can...

African women’s blogsphere this week

  1 May 2006

African women have been blogging about the important Kenyan Sexual Offences Bill which members of parliament are currently deliberating. The bill seeks seeks tougher penalties against rape and has been raising heated debate both within and outside the blogsphere. On her blog Afrofeminsta has been providing updates on the bill....

Voices of African women – this week

  18 April 2006

Fleur writes about the harrowing case of 7 soldiers sentenced to life for rape and crime against humanity for the rape of 119 underage girls in Congo. The government of Congo has also admitted partial responsibility and financially compensated the family of the victims. Fleur says ….it sends an important...

The African women’s blogsphere this week

  3 April 2006

Virtual cartwheels are perhaps our only last recourse as apparently African women are (still) invisible. Black Looks writes about an recent article in the Guardian where the founder of the Carnival of Feminists cannot find our blogs. In a post entitled Aint I a Woman???, Black Looks says: That's odd...

African women blogging this week

  20 March 2006

As usual, African women have been blogging about a variety issues. Black Looks has recorded a moving audio post honouring the brilliant African-American science fiction writer who recently passed away, Octavia E. Butler. Black Looks has also posted information regarding the The Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship which is aimed...

African women blogging this week

  20 February 2006

As per usual, African women have blogged about a variety of issues over the last week. Incidences of violence are rising in Uganda as the country prepares to hold general elections next week. Black Looks writes about the volatile situation in the country and highlights the violations of human rights...

The African women’s blogsphere this week

  6 February 2006

Her love of her country notwithstanding, Rombo the Rambler agonises on how a ‘country that has so much potential gets it so wrong so often’ despite the ‘intelligent, forward-thinking, grounded men and women’ she encounters on a daily basis and asks what happens to these people once they are elected...

The African women’s blogsphere this week

  23 January 2006

Some Kenyan women bloggers have been blogging about the famine in Kenya where the government says 4 million people are in need of food aid. The inequalities and unequal distribution of resources that exist amongst Kenyans greatly disturbs the Girl Next Door who writes about a country where ‘famine, wealth...

African Women Blogging This Week

  9 January 2006

Heri ya Mwaka Mpya (Happy New Year in Kiswahili). The recent the jailing of a 56-year old English man in the UK for the sexual abuse of children in Africa is a good thing, Black Looks writes. She is however, concerned that the arrest of this vile individual remains an...

African women's blogsphere this week

  12 December 2005

Black Looks writes about an interesting development in the Central African Republic which has banned the media from broadcasting or writing misogynistic music and articles following the Communication Minister’s directive and hopes ‘other countries will follow his lead’. Nyakehu writes about a question she was asked at a job interview...

This week in the African Women’s Blogsphere

  28 November 2005

November 25 is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and marks the beginning of 16 Days of Activism on violence against women and children in which women and their organisations organise activities around the world aimed at ending gender violence. Some African women bloggers have been...

Kenya and the Constitutional Referendum

  21 November 2005

Kenyans vote today, November 21, on a referendum to a draft constitution that has acrimoniously divided the country. President Mwai Kibaki leads the ‘Yes’ campaign, symbolised by a banana, and the ‘No’ campaign, symbolised by an orange, is made up of several cabinet members including Raila Odinga, the Minister for...

African women blogging this week

  14 November 2005

Mama JunkYard who has been on a blogging hiatus is back and is disgusted by the use of vague, incorrect and ‘less offensive words’ and images to sanitise women's bodies and emissions when terms such as ‘feminine hygiene products’ are used to describe sanitary towels and tampons or when blue...

This week in the African women's blogsphere

  7 November 2005

Feeling like ‘…woman standing at the edge of belonging, watching as male speaks to male, white speaks to white’, Keeper of her thoughts describes how it feels to work in a faith-based donor organisation largely led by white men. In response to the recent violence in Kisumu, prousette takes issue...

From the African women's blogsphere

  31 October 2005

On 26 October, Togo became the 15th country to ratify the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa thus ensuring the ratification of the Protocol within 30 days, writes Black Looks. The protocol is groundbreaking and far-reaching says Black Looks,...

African Women Blogging

  23 October 2005

“Are we are a definition of ourselves, or other people's definition of us,” ponders Keeper of her thoughts and asks whether her identity is one “…constructed for myself as a response to a global hierarchy that places the African woman at the very bottom of the rung? Or is it...

Miriam Makeba: Africa’s best loved diva farewell tour

  17 October 2005

In a career spanning over 40 years, Miriam Makeba, still regal at 73, is marking the end of her performing years with a 14-month farewell tour she says to thank the people in the countries where she has performed. Miriam Makeba or Mama Africa as she is fondly known is...