Mridula Dwivedi

I was born in a small town in Uttar Pradesh (India). I love to travel (trek mostly) and read. My travel blog is Travel Tales from India and I also write at Everything Else. I teach Human Resource Management to college students in India.

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Gore on Indian TV Channels after Mumbai Blasts

  13 July 2006

TV images on the Indian news channels in the aftermath of the Mumbai blasts have been disturbing, to say the least. Body parts, dead bodies, blood, weeping relatives … nothing has been spared and beamed constantly. Many bloggers have questioned the practice that they feel is just amied at getting...

What do Bloggers say about Rural India?

  28 May 2006

While reading different blogs, I have often read that in India blogging reflects a very middle class mindset. So, I thought even if it is true what do Indian blogs say about the issues that are not typically middle class or about urban India. Dilip at Death Ends Fun in...

Education in India: Different Voices

  2 May 2006

India is attracting a lot of FDI and one of the reasons given for it is the educated population. The spread of education in India is quite uneven but here is what people are saying about it. Abhas writes at A Few Hundred Words and doesn't seem to like his...

Travel India: Different Flavors

  25 April 2006

India is an interesting destination and here are a few posts (one from our neighbours, Nepal too) that talk about it without any unnecessary frills or gloss. Anil at Windy Skies while traveling through Goa (India) finds an unlikely bar in a small village: White House. I find the atmosphere...