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I am an Egyptian physician and blogger living in Cairo, with lots of interests including current Egyptian affairs and blogging. I am also a member of the Egyptian GNU/Linux User Group. I blog here.

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Egypt: Clemenceau awaits

  15 January 2006

Amr writes about the decommissioned french aircraft carrier waiting to pass through the Suez canal. In its way to be taken apart in Indian scrap yards. Egyptian Environmental affairs Agency listened to activists and now considers the ship hazardous waste and illegal.

Egypt: New museums

  11 January 2006

Egyptology News, is reporting that “the Ministry of Culture has placed Egypt’s museums at the top of its priorities. This year will witness the inauguration of up to five new regional and national museums and the re- opening of three others after restoration.” The building of the new Grand Museum...

Egypt: The Massacre of the Sudanese Refugees

Photo by Nora. The tragic and bloody end of the Sudanese sit-in is still the main discussion topic in the Egyptian blogosphere. It is another brutal police action that I can't keep on saying that it proves to us that Egypt is living in a brainless police state. Egypt is...

Egypt: Police violence against refugees

  30 December 2005

TenTwenty were killed and more injured including a four years old girl after thousands of Egyptian riot police used force to end a three month old protest in front of the UNHCR office. A protest will be organised tomorrow noon against the killings and the use of violence. Nora posts...

Egypt: Elections ends and more

  16 December 2005

Finally the elections of the People's Assembly (the lower house of the Egyptian Parliament) are over. With a bloody end and surprising results, that would probably heat the political debate in Egypt for the next five years. Summary and results With a 26% voter turn out and out of the...

From the Gaza-Egypt border

  12 December 2005

Nora visits the newly reopened border crossing between Rafah and Gaza strip. She takes several photos and writes in Arabic about her experience. She documents the frustrations of people trying to get into Gaza. Notices the excessive video surveillance by Israel. She then explains who can cross the border; Palestinians...

Egypt: Arabian horses

  8 December 2005

Maryanne blogs about a horse show she attended few weeks ago. With pictures of beautiful mares and fillies. She also summarizes the history of the Arabian horse in Egypt and the business of breeding.

Egypt: Journalist Detained

  7 December 2005

Alaa reports that armed state security forces detained the Egyptian journalist Ahmad Abdollah “Abo Islam”. They broke in to his house on Monday. Five bloggers visited him and knew from his son that state security forces threatened his family at gun point and confiscated computer hard drives, CDs and books....

Egyptian bloggers and parliamentary elections

  2 December 2005

Elections This week we had the re-run of the second stage and the first run of the third stage of parliamentary elections. The second stage was the most violent. Although one person died in the first run of the third stage there was less violence but the police and security...

Egypt: Sudanese Protest in Cairo

  28 November 2005

Youssef and Chiara (Italian) took photos and wrote briefly about the protest by Sudanese migrants against the UNHCR in the middle of Cairo. Almost 500 to 1000 (thanks Youssef) protestors are living in a miserable state since September, protesting their state of limbo. They refuse the return to Sudan and...

Thuggery is the solution

  25 November 2005

The second stage of Egpytian elections were marked by violence and wide spread irregularities. Officially one died during the first run of the elections and several wounded. But opposition newspapers claimed four died on that day. Few days later another man was killed and 21 were injured in election related...

Egypt: Parlimentary Elections

  17 November 2005

The Arabist sums up the results of the first of three rounds of parlimentary elections. 140 seats to the ruling NDP and independants who join the NDP shortly after their win. 34 seats to the Muslim brotherhood and a big defeat to the secular opposition which “apparently having neither the...

Abdolkarim released

  14 November 2005

The Egyptian blogger who was detained by secutiry forces on the 26th of October has been released. Previously covered on GVO here, here and here. Karim wrote about his own release. (Arabic) Sandmonkey wrote: In it he announced that he was released yesterday by the Police after spending 18 days...

Justice for Abdolkarim

  4 November 2005

The events of the 21st of October did not end in complete peace. A new alarming, yet not directly related, development took place. This time shaking the Egyptian bloggosphere more strongly than ever, as it affected one of its own. For the first time an Egyptian blogger has been detained...

From the Egyptian blogs

  30 October 2005

Some bloggers are angry over the news of the 14 years old kid who is facing death sentence in Saudi Arabia. Freedom for Egyptians and Ritzy are pointing that the kingdom ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child and that Sharia law does not impose capital punishments on...

Religious harmony severed in Egypt

  24 October 2005

The Egyptian blogosphere has been agitated by the events in Alexandria that shook the country. Four died (3 killed by riot poilce), tens wounded and 100 detained after 5000 angry Muslim protesters demonstrated against a play that the protesters considered offensive to Islam. Protesters demanded an official apology from the...