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Singapore: Anger Over Mistreatment of Elderly Patient

  14 June 2011

It’s called Nightingale Nursing Home but it seems some of the nurses there are far removed from the real Florence Nightingale. Singaporeans are shocked and upset after a spy video exposing the mistreatment of a 75-year-old lady in that nursing home was uploaded in the web. Bloggers also discuss the quality of healthcare in the country

Two earthquakes hit Sumatra

  14 June 2011

Two earthquakes hit Sumatra Island in Malaysia Tuesday morning. Tremors were also felt in Indonesia. Use the hashtags #earthquake, #tremors, and #sumatra to monitor news reports.

Cambodia: Land dispute turns violent

  14 June 2011

Licadho, a human rights group in Cambodia, condemns the violence which erupted in Kampong Speu province over a land dispute. Clashes between police and villagers have been rising in the country over demolition threats in several development projects of the government.

Cambodia: Power woes

  14 June 2011

Cambodia As It Is blogs about the power shortage problem in Cambodia. A power plant is being constructed but it seems the intent is to sell power in nearby Vietnam instead of addressing the power needs of Cambodia.

Singapore: Conditions of expats and workers

  13 June 2011

Aurvandil links to some studies on the conditions of expats and workers in Singapore and made this conclusion: “It's a serious policy failure on the part of the (government) that they make the lives of Expats so good while at the same time make the lives of Singaporean workers so...

Petition to rename South China Sea

  13 June 2011

A petition initiated by the Nguyen Thai Hoc Foundation urges the renaming of the South China Sea into Southeast Asia Sea. It is related to the dispute over the Spratly Islands which involves China, Vietnam, Philippines, and other countries in the region.

Philippines: Street art versus Asbestos

  10 June 2011

According to its website, “the Asbestos Street Fighters street art competition aims to bring together various street artists and anti-asbestos activists across the Philippines to propagate information regarding the dangers of Asbestos to human health”

Laos: Trade website

  10 June 2011

The Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce of Laos has introduced a new trade website which will provide information to business owners aiming to promote Lao products in the global market

East Timor: National Oil Company

  10 June 2011

La'o Hamutuk writes a letter to the president of East Timor regarding the proposed creation of a national oil company to manage the country's petroleum resources. The group wants more transparency and stronger measures to prevent corruption.

Rugby in Laos

  9 June 2011

Maggie Dillon provides a short history of Rugby in Laos. The Lao Rugby Federation reaches out to the public through its website and Facebook page.

Indonesia: Transparency in the education budget

  6 June 2011

Indonesian blogger nrg07 suggests that transparency in the education budget is more urgent than demanding compliance to the constitutional requirement of allotting 20 percent of the national budget to the education sector.