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Singapore: Housing problem

  7 April 2010

Diary of a Singaporean Mind wants the government to take more responsibility for the housing crisis in Singapore instead of merely blaming the “unrealistic expectations” of the people.

Brunei: Playing chess on Mt. Everest

  7 April 2010

Members of the Brunei Chess Federation plan to become the first Bruneians to set foot at the base camp of Mt. Everest. They also plan to play chess on the world's highest mountain.

Indonesia: Sony versus Sony

  2 April 2010

Sony AK from Indonesia was threatened with a trademark infringement lawsuit by Japan’s Sony Corporation if he does not close his personal website whose domain name is This provoked an intense reaction from the local online community forcing Sony Corp. to drop the case

Vietnam: Online attacks vs critics

  1 April 2010

Google and McAfee reported that cyberattacks targeting critics of bauxite mining in Vietnam could be coming from forces which are close to the government of Vietnam.