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Fiji leader won't do a Musharraf

  20 August 2008

Going against the advice of the military council, Fiji leader Frank Bainimarama refuses to step down. Raw Fiji news also reported that the leader was disturbed by the resignation of his coup-hero Musharaff in Pakistan.

Philippines: Rebels invade remote towns

  18 August 2008

A Filipino doctor-blogger reports that two municipalities in a southern Philippine province were invaded by rebels: “School has been torched, houses are burning. People there are racing to the coasts for protection. A steady stream of refugees is being observed from the checkpoint. This is war.”

Thailand: Expats and Olympics

  18 August 2008

The Lost Boy from Thailand poses a good question: “Who do expats cheer for in the Olympic games? Is it with their country of birth or their country of residence?”

Khmer Humer

  18 August 2008

Words & Pictures uploads a Khmer Humer. In other countries, a Humer is a luxury car. In Cambodia it is used for ice delivery.

Singapore wins a silver medal

  18 August 2008

The women's table tennis team of Singapore has clinched a silver medal in the Beijing Olympics. It is the nation’s first Olympic medal in 48 years. Wilfrid Wong is ecstatic.

Philippines as a Federal State

  18 August 2008

Iloilo City Boy dissects the proposal to amend the constitution which will make the Philippines a federal republic. Carlo Ople believes it is part of a ploy to extend the term of the incumbent president.

Philippines: Humanitarian crisis

  14 August 2008

Filipino blogger On the 8 Spot insists the more important issue that media should tackle is not the charter change proposal of the national government but the humanitarian crisis in a southern province in the Philippines

Jose Ramos-Horta visits the Philippines

  14 August 2008

East Timorese President Jose Ramos-Horta recently gave a lecture in the Philippines. He told a university crowd: “If in the process of struggle for independence you use the same tactics as your opponents you are no better than them.”

Singapore: Weakness of education system

  14 August 2008

Ian On The Red Dot wonders if swimmer Michael Phelps would have succeeded if the Olympic gold medalist was born in Singapore. The blogger criticizes Singapore’s education system which pushes students “who don’t do well in academics into a lower stream.”

Vietnam: Coconut milk

  14 August 2008

Wandering Chopsticks mentions why coconut milk and coconut juice are important ingredients in several Vietnamese and Thai recipes.

Fiji Times reporter arrested

  11 August 2008

A Fiji Times reporter was detained by police for writing about an article which offended a government minsiter. Soli Vakasama from Fiji notes how eight tough policemen apprehended a journalist armed with only a pen.

ASEAN's 41st anniversary

  10 August 2008

ephraim posts a speech of Singapore Foreign Minister George Yeo during the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Day reception. Mr. Yeo stressed that people in the region “must increasingly internalise a sense of ASEAN citizenship.”