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China: Co-operation 2.0 on Beijing’s Black Jails

  17 October 2008

In cooperation with citizen reporter Zhou Shuguang (Zola) and other two journalists Chen Er (Doubleaf) and Guo Jiannong, Xu Zhiyong, who firstly blogged Beijing’s black jails in the end of September, went to visit one of the unlawful prisons again on Monday, attacked by a group of thugs who were allegedly hired by the authorities.

China: True or false? A fugitive sergeant’s diary

  5 September 2008

Since the end of August, a post named “A fugitive sergeant’s diary” has flared and spread among many different Chinese blogs, BBSs and online communities, and finally even attracted attention of the mainstream media, including Xinhua News Agency, the official press agency of the government.

China: The Upside Down Commemorative Notes for Olympics

  13 July 2008

The People's Bank of China has issued a commemorative note with a face value of 10 Yuan to mark next month's Beijing Olympic Games. However, before most of the collectors had a chance to get it, a blogger named Naughty Lion pointed out a "mistake" in the backdrop of the special notes.

China: Where are you, LES blood donors?

  1 June 2008

After the frightful calamity of Sichuan earthquake, people from all walks of life in China are attending various charitable activities to help those victims, however, lesbians, a special community which is unwelcome to the Chinese traditional mainstream, are left in a predicament when they try to contribute as blood donors.

China: Seismologist Claims Sichuan Earthquake Was Predicted

  15 May 2008

Li Shihui, a researcher of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, exposed in his blog that the Sichuan earthquake was predicted at an earlier time. In spite of the various rumors of earthquake omens, Li's specialty and systematic statement have helped him gain many people's confidence, even after his controversial articles are deleted by the network administrator.

China: Different Voices on the Upcoming Talk with Dalai Lama

  26 April 2008

The Xinhua news agency reported Friday that "In view of the requests repeatedly made by the Dalai side for resuming talks, the relevant department of the central government will have contact and consultation with Dalai private representative in the coming days.” The report has provoked another new round of controversy on Dalai Lama among the Chinese netizens.

China: A True Nightmare on April Fool's Day

  10 April 2008

In spite of the occupants' outcry, about 1000 security guards and 20 policemen escorting two diggers intruded into a commodity housing district in Chongqing, the largest of China's four provincial-level municipalities, to forcibly carried out the developer's reconstruction plan which was officially supported by the local government, causing a serious bloodshed conflict.

China: Vlogger helped Child Labor back to School

  27 March 2008

Xu Alun, a vlogger hammering away at a point that "truth is power", exposed a moving story of three child coal haulers in Biji, a small city in the south of China, and with an effective advocacy of QQ groups, the story tended to circulate immediately, arousing great public concern.

China: Photojournalist Fired for “Political Incident”

  7 March 2008

Wang Lili, a 52-year old photojournalist of Tongzhou Newsletter, was fired because the chief executive of Beijing Tongzhou District "bowed the head with closed eyes, presenting an off-colored image" in his picture report. The story quickly became a hot topic in Chinese blogosphere and all sorts of online communities.

China: The Vagrants behind the Wall

  19 January 2008

Beijing, the host of 2008 Summer Olympics, is trying to show every bright aspect of its stable and harmonious to the whole world, however, when you are almost convinced by the prosperous night scenes around the Forbidden City, you may never think behind some traditional Chinese-style walls, there is another totally different world.

China: Please, Give Me a Job

  13 December 2007

Although there are almost half a year before graduation, the seniors in the universities of China have already thrown themselves into the cutthroat job-hunting war. Those ready-to-be graduates are busy running about the various job fairs, which can often attract tens of thousands of senior students flocking to seek their ideal work.

China: “Red Foreigner” Sings Red Songs Naked

  28 November 2007

An American blogger who names himself Honglaowai (red foreigner) has revived the Chinese red songs, a serious political music in China ,and extensively posted his music videos on YouTube, Youku and Tudou such video sharing websites. What's more, in his red song MVs, he is naked to the waist.

China: Recently, Can You Afford Meat?

  24 November 2007

The Chinese National Bureau of Statistics reported that China's October inflation rate had reached 6.5 percent which was the highest during the last 10 years. Although the government described the inflation as a structural price increase, the netizens and bloggers in China have their own views and concerns.

China: Doctoral Student Accuses SARFT of Movie Censorship

  16 November 2007

Dong Yanbin, a doctoral student in China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL), accused Beijing UME international movie theater and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) of castrating Ang Lee’s blockbuster Lust,Caution, Jinghua Times reported on Wednesday. His accusation had inflamed a new tide of online criticism on SARFT.

China: The Controversial Low Poverty Rate

  10 November 2007

According to the poverty line of China Development Report 2007, the poverty rate of China, a home to 1.3 billion people, is only about 8% which is even much lower than U.S. whose poverty rate is 12.3% in 2006. Facing with the amazingly poverty rate, Chinese people own their own different opinions on the poverty issues.

China: Heavy schooling fees and migrant workers

  23 October 2007

Yuan Guiren, Chinese Vice Education Minister, emphasized the equal education rights for the migrant workers’ children at the CPC press conference last Saturday. However, the tough reality makes some migrant parents worried if they can find an adequate school for their children next term.

China: Gamer flag controversy

  16 October 2007

Liu You-chen, a Taiwanese E-sport player, suddenly displayed a Republic of China flag while he accepted a bronze medal at the award ceremony of World Cyber Games (WCG) 2007, which took place in Seattle USA. The actions immediately infuriated the players like Sha Junchun (aka PJ) and Li Xiaofeng (aka...