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I am a chef, food consultant, entrepreneur, cooking show personality, and a dreamer. I enjoy working on new projects, and helping others achieve their goal.

Winner of 1st place 2012 “3dr UNCTAD Women in Business Award” with our Gluten Free Products made with tropical flours .

I am proud Panamanian, citizen of the world! Traveling is my passion. I appreciate learning about a culture through food. Learn more:

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Panama: Statements After the Chaos Unleashed by Law 72

  30 October 2012

The impressions of Panamanians and foreigners living in the country were immediate after the chaos unleashed by the approval of Law 72. This law, without consultation, promoted the sale of land in the Colón Free Trade Zone, a source of income for the country and this province that practically lies in ruins after having gone unnoticed by the government. The protests against the law have left four dead and dozens injured and detained.

Americas: End of the Year Traditions

  8 January 2008

End of the year traditions across Latin America are varied, as many include local customs, the preparation of delicious food, and plenty of loud fireworks. This is a collection of how some bloggers spent their holidays throughout the region.

Panama: The Kuna Indigenous Group and the Use of Technology

  17 December 2007

The Kuna indigenous group in Panama have had very little access to internet and other technologies. Gilberto Alemancia, is of Kuna ethnicity, and is a well-experienced photographer and a tourism guide. On some excursions, he has conducted digital photography workshops to children in remote regions of the country. Melissa De León had the opportunity to interview Alemancia about his passion.

Across the Panamanian Blogosphere

  31 July 2007

There is plenty on the mind of the Panamanian blogosphere, with topics ranging from the fate of former leader Manuel Noriega to a delicious tree tomato. Melissa De Leòn Douglass covers these broad topics in this blog round-up from Panama.

Panama: Political Season Heating Up, The Return of Noriega, and Crime in Panama: a Love Story

  30 May 2007

Presidential elections in Panama are not scheduled until May 2009, but bloggers are already keeping a watchful eye out for any developments. Another interesting turn of events that will arrive sooner than the elections is the expected release of former Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega. Finally, in addition to blog entries about visas, travel and food, one blogger's hopeful encounter with a beautiful woman turns out to be something more unexpected and less appealing.

Panama: HSBC Sues Customer for Yahoo Postings

  15 March 2007

#1: From Panama's Noriegaville News: Uproar among expats about HSBC Panama SLAPP suit If the intention was to silence criticism of its service, the attempt has already miserably failed. A storm of protest and foreigners closing their accounts has so far been the result of a lawsuit HSBC Panama has...

Panama: More Deadly Than War

  27 February 2007

#1: Panama Guide reports on Charity Expat Social: …We ate dinner with Sister Griselda Rios who has been working with the orphanage for more than three years. They have about 160 children there at any one time. She came to the dinner with Felipe Arosemena (hijo) who has been at...

UXcamp, Information Architects in Panama & 2007 Panama Jazz Festival

  1 February 2007

#1: Jorge  Arango reports on the first UXcamp – an user experience gathering in Panama.Last night BootStudio hosted what is probably the first user experience gathering in Central America: UXcamp. We had a pretty good turnout, and folks (web desigers and developers, for the most part) seemed genuinely excited about...

Argentina's King Fish, Panama's Year, and Easy Kerala Parotta

  14 January 2007

#1: Jeremy Shapiro, the Chef behind Stir the Pots, narrates his adventures during his trip to the Ecuadorean Andes: The array of  colors and smell was inspiring as a chef.All  I  needed were my knives, a stove and a kitchen!What surprised me about such a humble town was the cleanliness...

Global Food Blog Report #35

  3 December 2006

#1: Yulinka Cooks shares her recipe to prepare Sauerkraut. This new food blogger cooks up Russian food, an often-overlooked food from the former Soviet republics, especially Uzbekistan, Armenia and Georgia. My sauerkraut is currently on day three of fermenting, and I’m excited to think that it could be done as...

Pana-Blogs Report

  29 November 2006

#1: From Chiriqui Chatter: El Desfile de los Bomberos en David , a very colorful report on a traditional  firemen parade that takes place in most large cities in Panama to commemorate the  independence festivities of the country. In this case Don shares a collection of photos and even a...

Pana-Blogs Report

  9 November 2006

#1: Chiriqui Chatter on "Fatal Bus Fire Causes Identified" Don Winner posted the resolution of the bus fire that killed 18 people. To net it out, it was a failure caused by negligent maintenance of the bus. In the US, the mechanic would be looking at serious legal problems. Read...

Global Food Blog Report #34

  2 November 2006

#1: From Spain: Cocinova cooks up a delicious "Pollo en Salsa de Chocolate" (Chicken in Chocolate Sauce) EN/ES Esta deliciosa receta la probé en casa de Mª Ángeles, y aunque no soy fanática del chocolate, créanme los que son como yo, que el chocolate en esta salsa sabe realmente delicioso;...

Panama Canal Referendum

  23 October 2006

#1: From Chiriqui Chatter: The Vote for the Big Dig The vote is today for the expansion of the Canal. Voting in Panama is a very serious thing both for referendums such as today’s and for governmental offices. All sides fiercely try to get their vote out. It is interesting...