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World citizen, blogger and freelance journalist. I was born and brought up in Brazil but completed my undergraduate and graduate studies in political science/ international relations in the US. You can check out my blog Beyond Samba or follow me on twitter @mel_rossi1

Cidadã global, blogger e jornalista freelance. Nasci e fui criada no Brasil, mas completei meus estudos universitários e mestrado em ciências políticas/relações internacionais nos EUA. Escrevo no blog Beyond Samba e no twitter @mel_rossi1

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‘Planet Asks for Pedalling': Cycling Through Latin America

  30 January 2013

"I understood that travelling like this, without being in a rush, gives you the freedom to get to know cultures more deeply and the simplicity of the people." Meet Beto, from Brazil, and his project 'Planet asks for Pedalling' that will take him on a 2.5 years journey cycling through Latin America.

Brazil Debates Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation – Part II

  9 January 2013

While European politics has made a favorable move to abolish prostitution as a legalized profession in the old continent, recently in France a couple was convicted to three years in prison for organizing a prostitution scheme of young Brazilians. In Brazil, the government and the media are trying to raise awareness on human trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Former Brazilian Model Turned Beggar Stirs Debate on Racism

  31 October 2012

Tall, blue-eyed and wrapped in a blanket while roaming the streets of Curitiba, Rafael Nunes, a former Brazilian model, has gained international attention after his picture and story went viral on Facebook and Twitter. The case of "the photogenic beggar from Curitiba" has grown into a racial-oriented discussion about how Brazilian society reacts to situations of social exclusion.