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I am a Palestinian blogger who is interested in the new technical/social media revolution. I am a citizen media & blogging trainer with AMIN (Arabic Media Internet Network), which hosts a number of Palestinian blogs. My goal is to help Palestinian bloggers’ voices be heard around the world .

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Palestine: Anger At Palestine Papers

  4 February 2011

Al Jazeera’s release of the Palestine Papers, hundreds of documents related to Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, has provoked strong reactions throughout the Palestinian blogosphere. In this post we hear from bloggers in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, who have expressed their opinions both about the papers, and Al Jazeera’s role in releasing them.

Palestine: Anger At Opening Of Hurva Synagogue

Last week the rebuilt Hurva, or Ruin, Synagogue was opened in the old city of Jerusalem, amidst a wave of protests by Palestinians. The opening has been denounced by a number of Palestinian leaders as being part of a project to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is only 700 metres away. Mays Dagher reports on what Palestinian blogs are saying.