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Egypt: Locking Al Azhar students in the dark ages!

  28 November 2008

Al Azhar English Training Center is funded through a partnership agreement between Al Azhar University, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Global Opportunities Fund and the British Council. The Center was supposed to provide English Language courses in its first semester to 125 students from various disciplines until Ali Laban, a Muslim Brotherhood deputy, decided otherwise. One enraged instructor speaks up on Facebook.

Egypt: Police officers banned off university campus

  27 November 2008

In a historic court ruling, police are now banned from patrolling Cairo University's campus. Instead, the university will have to deploy civilian personal as security guards. Bloggers, who linked police recklessness and use of excessive force to the order, welcomed the ruling with guarded optimism.

Egypt: Sawiris Takes on Switzerland

  20 November 2008

Cairo's Scene & Heard celebrated entrepreneur and hotelier Sameh Sawiris's new project in Switzerland saying: “Now that we're branching out into Europe…do you think we stand a chance next to the already existing competition?!?”

Egypt: American University in Cairo's New Campus Sparks Debate

  20 November 2008

Designed to accommodate 5,500 full-time students and 1,500 faculty and staff, the American University in Cairo's new $400 million, 260-acre campus is technologically advanced and environmentally friendly. Students say that it was a premature move as they suffer sexual harassment and expensive food, among many other issues. Marwa Rakha reports.

Egypt Ranks High in Corruption

  18 November 2008

Egypt ranks 115 in Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index, which tracks 180 countries by their perceived levels of corruption, as determined by expert assessments and opinion surveys. The rankings are in ascending order, with the more corrupt countries scoring higher ranks.

Egypt for Sale

  17 November 2008

Word is out that every Egyptian citizen who is over 21 years old will own a part of Egypt's public sector companies and factories. The announcement has been the core topic of talk shows and has made its way to the blogosphere.

Egypt: Lawsuit calling for the devalidation of 25,000 Muslim Hadiths

  14 November 2008

Marwa Rakha translates for us today a post about an unusual lawsuit against Al Azhar University in Egypt calling for devalidation of 25,000 Muslim Hadiths. "Does Al Azhar have the right to “delete” these hadiths? Did they invent them and now they decided to negate them? So what will they do now with those 25,000 Hadiths? Burn them? Burn the books they are in? Do they have that right?"

Egypt: Mother incriminated in a case of FGM

  12 November 2008

On May 23, in a post titled The Victimization of Egyptian Women and Children, I quoted Fantasia – a girl who dreams of a better future for Egyptian women – who wrote about the new laws that were being discussed to protect children in Egypt. The first of which was...

Al Ghad Party – Another fire in Egypt

  6 November 2008

Al Ghad, Ayman Nour's Party headquarters burnt down one day before their general assembly. According to blog reports, thugs burnt down the building and hampered firemen's efforts to put the fire out. In addition to losing their headquarters, the political party also lost 20 of its members - who were rounded up and arrested instead of the thugs.