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Indonesia: Bomb Explosions at Kuningan, Jakarta

  17 July 2009

Two explosions hit the Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott hotels in Mega Kuningan, Jakarta around 7:40 AM local time. Local social media users broke the story to the world, especially those among today's morning commuters.

Indonesia: Indonesian Bloggers Respond to Gaza Attack

  4 January 2009

Israel-Hamas conflict escalation has entered second week; as casualties climbing to around 400 dead and over 2000 people injured. Reactions have also spread across the Indonesian blogosphere. Opinions are mainly pro-Palestinian ones, much of them directed against Israel's military answer to militant Palestinian group Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Indonesia: Metaphorizing Obama

  4 December 2008

Indonesia Anonymus from Indonesia metaphorizes president-elect Barack Obama for the nation's governance: “… are [Indonesians] going to cling on to the same old divisive politics, same old status quo while at the same time happily cheering for America's Obama?”.