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Bolivia: Conflicts in Sucre Over New Constitution

  26 November 2007

In the city of Sucre, confrontations between citizens and police claimed the lives of four Bolivians. Delegates from the governing party decided on the text of a new constitution without including the opposition. Bolivian bloggers based in Sucre and across the country commented on the violence and tactics used by the majority party.

Bolivia: A Previous Encounter with the Victim and the Problem With the Fashion Society

  2 July 2007

José Andrés Sánchez writes for the Santa Cruz daily El Deber, and also maintains a blog where he adds supplemental information about his published articles. In his blog, he recalls his earlier encounter with a recently murdered "pimp," who was interviewed for his story about child prostitution. A Cochabamba blogger also criticizes the "fashion society" that values butts over brains.