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Uruguay: Mujica is President After Run-off Election

  1 December 2009

The candidate from left-wing party The Broad Front José "Pepe" Mujica obtained the majority of the votes on the run-off election for the presidency of Uruguay, making him the first former guerrilla member to reach the presidential chair.

Uruguay: Two Plebiscites Fail to Pass

  29 October 2009

On the same day as the Presidential elections in Uruguay, voters did not pass two plebiscites that would have given Uruguayans abroad the right to vote and the annulment of the Law of Expiration.

Uruguay: Election Season Underway

  14 September 2009

Uruguay is currently in the middle of a busy election season. With internal elections completed, the entire country is focused on the Presidential election scheduled for October 25 and which party will win.