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Protests and “Frozen Zones” in Brooklyn after murder of Kimani Gray

  23 March 2013

On Saturday, March 16, Kimani Gray, a 16-year-old African American boy, died at the hands of two New York City police officers. There have been riots in Brooklyn for four consecutive days and police have declared frozen zones in a neighborhood in this borough of New York. News of this event has spread through social networks due to lack of information in the mainstream media.

Spanish Youth in Exile: “We're Not Leaving, They're Kicking Us Out!”

  20 March 2013

In 2012, the number of Spanish youth (15-29) residing abroad grew to 302,623. They have left for economic reasons related to the lack of employment in Spain. The Juventudes sin Futuro (Youth WIthout a Future) movement has launched a campaign entitled "We're not leaving, they're kicking us out" with a Twitter hashtag with the same name.

In Spain, Money for Bulls But Cuts for Citizens

  14 March 2013

In February, the government of the People's Party (PP) agreed to debate a popular initiative to name bullfighting a "Cultural Interest Good" in Spain. It is calculated that more than 500 million euros are invested in bullfighting a year in Spain in the midst of severe of welfare cuts and austerity measures.

Catholic Church Condemns Sterilization Law in Panama

  6 March 2013

Panama's National Assembly of Legislators has passed a law that allows women over the age of 23 with two or more children to opt for a free sterilization. The Catholic Church has deemed the law disastrous and has asked that it be repealed. At the same time, Panamanians are divided into those who see the law with good eyes and those who reject it.