Marianna Breytman · September, 2012

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Panama: Controversial 510 Copyright Bill Approved

  28 September 2012

The 510 Bill that would regulate copyrights in Panamá was approved on September 26, 2012, by the National Assembly. The outrage against this bill is coming to a boiling point on social networks and Panamá's mainstream media since, among other things, it establishes unprecedented liberties to the legislative body charged with enforcing it.

Dominican Republic: The Crime of Being a Rocker

  19 September 2012

The murder of José Carlos Hernández (Chiva), a 23-year-old Dominican rock musician, has been one of the the country's most spine-chilling crimes in the past few years. While the traditional media spread stereotypes regarding the incident, netizens took to social media networks to debate the various taboos and prejudices that still dominate public discourse.

Cuba: For a Census in Which All Unions Count

  12 September 2012

As the National Census of People and Households approaches, activism on blogs and social networks has intensified after a supposed change in the instruction manual came to light: it appears as though same sex unions were originally to be included, but this later changed. Now the question revolves around why it was eliminated.

Mujeres Mundi, Interviews with Extraordinary Women

  5 September 2012

Peruvian blogger Xaviera Medina de Albrand is the brains and energy behind the blog Mujeres Mundi, a space where she publishes her interviews with women from around the world. Xaviera talks to us about her life and her blog in this first part of a two-part interview.