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United States: A Blog for Rethinking the Hispanic World

  26 May 2011

In New York, the Hispanic cultural and artistic dynamism can be felt. Global Voices spoke with journalist and cultural critic Claudio Iván Remeseira about his blog Hispanic New York Project, a digital space for rethinking the dominant vision about Hispanics in New York.

Spain: Earthquake Shakes Murcia

  12 May 2011

Lorca, in the region of Murcia, Spain, was shaken by two earthquakes that have caused nine casualties to date and approximately 300 injured. Information, opinions, and support has spread through blogs and digital networks.

Ecuador: Blogger Detained for Offenses Against Attorney General

  10 May 2011

The detainment of Ecuadorian blogger Víctor Vizcaíno Luzuriaga for alleged offenses against Attorney General Washington Pesántez became a trend on Twitter, with strong reactions in the blogosphere and a harsh analysis regarding freedom of expression in Ecuador. Many have been commenting on the situation online with the Twitter hashtag #presoporopinar (in English: detained for expressing his opinion).

Cuba: Return Prohibited for U.S. Professor and Blogger

  5 May 2011

Ted Henken, professor at Baruch College at the City University of New York, a well-versed blogger in the Cuban blogosphere, has been informed by authorities from the Department of Security of the State of Cuba that he will not be returning to the island. Over the course of his 12 day stay, Henken interviewed over 40 bloggers for an investigation about blogs and the Internet in Cuba.

Colombia: Following the ‘Lleras’ Law

  3 May 2011

The bill to regulate infractions on author's rights on the Internet, known as the "Lleras" Law, has continued generating reactions and debate, as recently covered on Global Voices. Juan Arrellano reviews recent reactions to the law and shares three videos of original interviews about the topic.