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Colombia: Anti-Personnel Mines and the “Remángate” Campaign

  20 April 2011

April 4, 2011, marked the celebration of the International Day of Awareness of Anti-personnel Mines. In Colombia, the Presidential Program for Action Against Anti-personnel Mines (Paicma) joined corporate groups and social organizations to promote the "Remángate" campaign. The campaign relies on its website, Twitter account (@remangate) and hashtag #Remangate.

Argentina: Judge Recognizes Armenian Genocide

  18 April 2011

An Argentinean judge issued a historic ruling in which he condemned the Turkish state for committing the crime of genocide against the Armenian population. Argentina received an important stream of Armenian immigrants fleeing the genocide, whose descendants maintain their customs and traditions grouped under distinct institutions that form the Armenian Collective.

Peru: Reactions Following the First 2011 Electoral Round

  12 April 2011

After celebrating the elections in Peru, the results indicate a second round between Ollanta Humala and Keiko Fujimori. Bloggers, candidates, and analysts coincide that the result is principally a "vote of punishment" for the economic policies managed by governments in recent years, that have fomented growth and created a new economic prosperity that does not reach everyone.

Peru Prepares for the 2011 Presidential Elections

  9 April 2011

On Sunday, April 10, more than 17 million Peruvians will elect the President for 2011-2016, along with 130 congress members (members of the Parliament). The campaign has been long, multifarious, controversial and harshly disputed. Peruvians have turned to blogs, Twitter and Facebook to share their opinions about the candidates and the campaign.