Born, bred, schooled and resident in Nairobi. I'm going by one name because the government has on several occasions prevailed upon some journalists and comedians to cease and desist from satirizing the government and its officers, something I do heavilly on occasion in my blog Thinker's Room (

I'm here because the local press is wont to lean on the side of sensationalism and a lot of what is actually happening on the ground slips through the cracks

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KenyanSphere this week

  21 February 2006

Bankelele is moving house, and is finding it more time consuming and frustrating than he had thought — the ranks of real estate agents are stuffed with crooks and conmen The number of con people out there also is troubling. I have seen houses, which I later found out, were...

KenyanSphere This Week

  7 February 2006

Over the last few weeks Kenyans have been spoilt for choice when it comes to topics to discuss. First off there was the bombshell dropped by John Githongo, the anti-graft czar who fled to London for his safety after getting too close to the truth. He finally released the painstakingly...

KenyanSphere – Opening 2006

  10 January 2006

Ms K has a stirring piece on safe and responsible sex, especially in these liberal times, urging people to protect themselves. Mama JunkYard opens the new year with the shocking information that someone has been sending email in her name, another victim of the unsavoury practice of email spoofing by...

KenyanSphere This Week

  14 November 2005

FreakEngineer objects, and objects again to how Yahoo categorizes the news on its news page, specifically those to do with Africa, finding the rationale decidedly wanting: It seems that everything sad or disheartening or whatever bad thing that is happening on in the world is bunched up in the Yahoo Africa...

KenyanSphere This Week

  29 October 2005

Sidaki has a very interesting analysis of events in America and comes to the conclusion that among the things Americans are reluctant to receive on their soils are British beef, British chicken and most recently, a certain Kenyan politician, Christopher Murungaru who just a few months ago was also curtly informed by the British...

This Week in the Kenyan Blogosphere

  22 October 2005

Alpha Rwath blogs about meeting Senator Barack Obama. This particular Senator from the state of Illinois has an almost cult following in Kenya by virtue of his father having been born there. So popular is Senator Obama that a lager going by the brand name Senator has invariably been re-christened...