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I work on GV's Language Exchange project, and am a journalist. I'm from California, have lived for long stretches in Jakarta, Indonesia, and now live in either Barcelona, Spain or Barcelona, Catalunya, depending on your point of view.

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Haiti: Wired Money May Help Rebuild Before Aid

  30 January 2010

With phone lines being restored in Haiti, money sent from families abroad “by wire” is again arriving, and helping reconstruction even where international aid has not arrived. Remittances from family members living abroad represented at least thirty percent of Haiti's Gross National Product before the January 12 earthquake.

Haiti: Online Maps Shift from Charting Damage to Targeting Aid

  18 January 2010

Marc Herman takes a closer look at some maps that humanitarian aid responders are using to communicate the evolving situation in Haiti’s earthquake zone. Nearly a week after the disaster -- and aftershocks equal to major temblors -- the maps and satellite imagery are proving some of the most reliable information available.

Haiti: Experiences of the Earthquake

  13 January 2010

So far the casualty reports from Haiti's earthquake have focused on the terrifying statistics, but very few names had been attached to those numbers. Here is a look at some of the experiences that the survivors of this natural disaster are sharing online...