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Brazil: Magazine Gives Homeless People a Chance

  6 June 2012

Ocas Magazine, handed out on the streets of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro since 2002, is one such publication that contains information that sets it apart from the mainstream press in Brazil. But it goes even further than that. It also provides a new start and work opportunities for the homeless and people who are at social risk.

Guinea-Bissau: Constitutional Limits on the Presidential Elections

  30 March 2012

Claims of widespread fraud during the presidential elections in Guinea Bissau, on 18 March, allows for the possibility that the April ballot will take place with a single candidate – Carlos Gomes Jr. His concurrent Kumba Ialá, refuses to participate in the second round, and the Constitution doesn't allow the replacement of candidates.

Online Highlights from the Portuguese-Speaking World in 2011

  31 December 2011

2011 has been another year in which bloggers and activists from a number of Portuguese-speaking countries have come together to report, translate and promote blogs and citizen media from all over the world. This article selects the highlights in the coverage of Lusophone countries on Global Voices over the last year.

Brazil: The Xingu River is no place for Belo Monte

  14 October 2010

On August 26 the President of Brazil, Lula da Silva, signed a decree that transfers the concession to harness the hydroelectric potential of the Belo Monte Dam on the Amazon Xingu River. Indigenous people and river dweller have been organizing themselves into social and environmental resistance movements against the construction of the dam for their present way of life and means of survival will suffer a disastrous impact if the dam is built.