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Mack Zulkili is a Malaysian business consultant who blogs about a myriad of issues pertaining to the internet, technology and the quality of governance in his country. He blogs at

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Man, she's a man?

  15 November 2005

Malaysians are pondering same gender marriages. Blogger SK sympathised for the bride, who had undergone a sex change, having been born a male 30 years ago. Her marriage to an accountant is reputed to have cost RM1 million (approx. USD260k) but the main issue remains if it is a legally...

A Malaysian Metablog

  9 November 2005

In emulating Global Voices Online, Malaysian bloggers now have a submission based metablog called Blogs Malaysia. It's founders encourage Malaysian bloggers and blog readers to submit the URL of entries that capture their attention and share it with others. A group of editors sieve through the submissions and vote on...

Interview with Patani separatist leader – Dr. Wan Kadir.

  13 June 2005

Dr. Farish Noor, prominent political writer and one of the leading expert in Asian Studies, recently interviewed the leader of BERSATU, a coalition of Muslim separatist organisations based in Southern Thailand that is made up of organisations like the BRN (National Revolutionary Front), PULO (Patani United Liberation Organisation), BIPP (Patani...

Blogger Profile – Jeff Ooi

  20 May 2005

Thinking Allowed, Thinking Aloud. Meeting Jeff Ooi is very much different than reading his blog. You would not expect this quiet, dimunitive person to blog with such ferocity, that he has become the undisputed icon of Malaysian blogosphere. Yet, underneath the seemingly harmless and friendly persona, lies a seasoned cyber-activist...

South East Asian Blog Roundup

  5 May 2005

Singapore Steven McDermott of Singabloodypore highlights a gathering for Shanmugam Murugesu, a Singaporean whose appeal for clemency from capital punishment has been rejected by Singaporean President. The blog entry has so far garnered 50 comments. He also writes about the Singaporean student who was forced to shut down his blog,...

Malaysian Minister VOWS faster and cheaper broadband

  31 March 2005

The Colours of a Little Part of Asia – A South East Asian blogging story by Mack Zulkifli It appeared shortly after Rebecca MacKinnon interviewed Jeff Ooi and this blogger in IRC. One of the things I had remarked upon was that the rate of infrastructural development for internet services,...

Bloggers in Malaysia Warn of Earthquake

  28 March 2005

A violent tremor was felt in parts of Malaysia, and bloggers, experienced in early detection of crisis when blogging about the Asian Tsunami disaster, came out with warnings. Those who I picked up blogging early on this issue are; Andreas from AlwaysWOW Peter Tan from Digital Awakenings FANTASIZED blog headlined...

Flashblogs: Occasionally making a point more impactful. Part One.

  26 March 2005

The Colours of a Little Part of Asia – A South East Asian blogging story by Mack Zulkifli The Tsunami Crisis in this region brought bloggers to the forefront of the news, although under less than preferrable circumstances. It was also the first time that the Malaysian mainstream media gave...