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Panama: The Soundtrack of your Childhood

  18 April 2007

It´s curious how Latin American people remember their childhood. We all remember some parts of it, by watching TV, a few songs from the radio or probably our school. The old cartoons are probably some of the good memories we will ever get, and some of them are still part...

Panama: Growing up can be difficult

  18 April 2007

Being an adult represents new goals and endeavors. But the way a Panamanian Blogsphere Celebrity sees things, can be really funny and deserves to take a look at his loquacious point of view… Robdash wants to leave home.

Panama: Real Estate Blog

  9 November 2006

If you’re looking to purchase real estate to rent out for investment purposes, but aren’t sure how to identify a good real estate deal, there are a few things you need to educate yourself on before you make your purchase. This article is a resource for future investors in Panama.

Panama: The Zombie Walk

  1 November 2006

Panama was invaded by Zombies on October 28th. The event promoted by Rob Rivera and ButterFest Media was a total success. The walk started by Parque Urraca in Avenida Balboa and ended outside of the Unplugged Bar in Avenida Uruguay. For more information on this activity visit Jorge Yau's blog,...

Panama: How to Travel in Panama

  15 August 2006

Jenny Carrasquillo wrote a blog post on a subject that most people don't talk about… How to Travel In Panama…good advice, really interesting. Business people investing in Panama and general tourists will appreciate what this article has to offer specially if you're a Real Estate investor which spends a lot...

Panama: Donald Trump's Panama

  15 August 2006

The Panama Real Estate blog has an interesting article about how Donald Trump has fallen so much in love with Panama that he is building a $220 Million, 65 story (2.4 Million square foot) hotel/condo monoliths called the Trump Ocean Club International Hotel & Tower in a posh Panama City...

Panama: Songwriter Interview

  14 August 2006

Butter has an interesting short interview with the Panamanian songwriter Gonzalo Horna, where Horna explains a little history about the Butterfest and the next step in his carreer as a songwriter.

Panama: The Butterfest

  2 August 2006

Eric Levy has built the reputation of a very popular and smart Geek in Panama. The Jewish, Panamanian comic-book creator has developed a new event that started almost 5 years ago in his backyard…known as the Butterfest. Tonight the Butterfest is turning into a commercial endeavour for Eric. Visit the...

Panama: Music: Gonzalo Horna

  19 July 2006

Gonzalo Horna presents his blog to keep in touch with his fans and to spread his music around the globe. What is very interesting about the panamanian songwriter, is the honest lyrics, rythms and mixture of rock-ballad-latin-and-acoustic elements in his music, delivering a new meaning to the rock scene in...

Panama: Forgotten Issues . . . reminder

  27 June 2006

A (very musical) blog called Asi es la Vida en Panama has a short list of forgotten cases and crimes that have not been solved yet, this is probably a wake up call for our Panamanian government's delays. Don't be surprised if there's a James Blunt song in the background.

Panama: Chef Melissa in La Prensa

  5 June 2006

Chef Melissa de Leon appeared in the pages of the Ellas Magazine from the newspaper La Prensa in Panama, in which the newspaper reviews her talent and experience in the kitchen as well as two of her recipes.