Laura Vidal · May, 2009

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Venezuela: Keeping the Internet as a Priority

  26 May 2009

When the Venezuelan government emitted Decree No. 6649, it raised red flags within the online community concerned about the possible effects to development. The decree seeks to eliminate “luxuries” or “superflouous expenses” among the public expenditure, among which includes the Internet. As a result, the online campaign Internet Prioritaria was created with the opinion that Internet is a basic need and is pushing that research and other educational programs not be affected by budget cuts.

Venezuela: Conflict Between the Media During Earthquake

  6 May 2009

The earthquake that shook Venezuela earlier this week brought attention to the role of government and private media for informing the general public. Instead of providing information, the government was criticizing the private stations for "destabilizing the country with alarming news." Meanwhile, alternative media provided up to date information about what people needed to know.