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Spain: Creative Alternatives to an Economy in Crisis

  28 September 2012

Since the start of the crisis that continues to embroil Spain's economy, many Spaniards have opted out of that economic model and instead created viable alternatives to their economy in crisis, such as networks for sharing goods and services or new systems and currencies that promote responsible consumption.

Argentina: Why are Citizens Outraged?

  19 September 2012

Argentinians calling for "justice, freedom, security and currency exchange" marched on September 13, 2012, throughout the country. In this post, we have gathered citizen analysis which explain the reasoning behind these demands.

Spain: Investment Scheme of the Rich and Famous Makes Headlines

  10 September 2012

Discussion of the SICAV investment scheme reignited this summer in Spain, with the debate focusing on some of the well-known people and companies that take advantage of this fiscal tool in order to avoid paying taxes, such as the sister of King Juan Carlos, Infanta Pilar, and filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar.

Peru: Colombia-Peru War Remembered 80 Years Later

  4 September 2012

Eighty years have passed since the taking of Leticia, an Amazonian city which was surrendered to Colombia by Peru in 1929 as a result of the Salamón-Lozano Treaty between the two countries. Various bloggers marked the anniversary on Sept. 1, and several online forums continue to host information and analysis, from Peruvians and Colombians alike, about this war.