Koluki hails from Angola and has been working extensively in Southern Africa. She holds an MSc in Economic History and is a writer, former journalist and regular contributor with articles for Angolan and international publications. She airs her views on “life, the universe and everything” @ Koluki (http://koluki.blogspot.com)

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Angola: Blogging from inside the country (I)

  22 July 2007

With a total population estimated at just under 16 million, five years after the end of the thirty-year long civil war, the state telecommunications enterprise Angola Telecom’s fixed-line network still serves less than one percent of the population, Internet Service Providers hardly serve one person per one thousand people and...

Angola: Kitanda – A Gateway to the African “Lusosphere”

  6 June 2007

If you ever want to get your way into the African “lusosphere”, one of the best places to start is the blog “Kitanda” (“Marketplace” in Kimbundu, one of Angola's national languages). Kitanda has become along the years, since its launch in 2004, an unavoidable reference in the “lusosphere”. Mainly dedicated...