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Environment: Interview with John Romankiewicz of China's Green Beat

  18 September 2008

China's Green Beat is an effort by “Green brothers” John Romankiewicz, Shane Zhao and Rene Ng to raise awareness about environmental issues in China. The project has developed more than ten short films, complete with bilingual Chinese-English subtitles. From its inception a year ago, China’s Green Beat has received a...

“No Car Day” in Southwestern Chinese City

  8 July 2008

Last year, Kunming, China took part in “No Car Day” (无车日). Now, the southwestern Chinese city has gone above and beyond by instituting a “No Car Day” every month. Kunming, home to many environmental NGOs, has Car Free Days on the last Saturday of every month. China's Green Beat gives...

Beijing Announces Traffic Rules to Combat Air Pollution

  4 July 2008

Danwei says Beijing recently announced traffic rules that will be in effect during the Olympics. The rules dictate that from July 20th to September 20th 2008, only cars with license plates ending in odd numbers can drive, among other rules. Authorities estimate the new rules will cut down on Beijing's...

Update on China's plastic bag ban

  9 June 2008

New plastic bag rules went into effect throughout China on Sunday: now, ultra-thin plastic bags are banned, and shoppers need to pay a small fee for thicker ones. One supermarket reported daily plastic bag use fell 40 percent since the ban. News outlets reported mixed enforcement, though Beijing authorities did...

Plastic bag plan takes effect in China

  31 May 2008

Starting June 1, the Chinese government's country-wide plan to make shoppers pay small fees for plastic bags, and to forbid the production of ultra-thin bags will take effect. The move should save China 37 million barrels of oil a year. NGOs have been into the act earlier, pushing for relief...

China: Environmental Fallout After Sichuan Earthquake

  26 May 2008

A week after China's deadly earthquake killed nearly 56,000 people, environmental and other costs of the 8.0 magnitude earthquake are becoming clearer. On this post we examine posts related to the environmental fallout of the earthquake, and also the plight of animals in the earthquake area. Plans for a proposed...

China: “Strolling” for the Environment

  13 May 2008

Earlier this month, before an earthquake killed thousands, about 400 to 500 people in Chengdu, China took to the streets to protest the construction of a proposed petrochemical plant, calling their outing a “stroll” to get around applying for a permit to protest. The event was organized through cell phones,...

China: The Green Olympics and an Actress as UN Eco Ambassador.

  30 April 2008

Dan Beekman at “Blogging Beijing” gives a roundup of Beijing's environmental problems and its hopes. He interviews NGO and student leaders about the Green Olympics, one of the three themes of this year's Games. He ‘s also recently interviewed Mr. Wu Dengming, an environmental powerhouse from Chongqing, in middle China....

11-year-old Chinese environmentalist and Circuit Board Recycling

  21 April 2008

The blog “Crossroads,” which looks at corporate social responsibility in China, draws our attention to a an article about an 11-year-old environmentalist in southwest China. The youngster took it upon himself to search for the source of river pollution and caught the attention of reporters and officials. Last October, Chen...

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