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Katie Manning works as a multimedia journalist in Santiago, Chile, for Mi Voz, which publishes 14 regional, online newspapers across Chile focusing on citizen journalism.

Mi Voz's online papers include:

She earned her master's degree in journalism from Georgetown University and her B.A. in history from the University of Virginia. Her work has been published in the Washington Post and on CNN news. She loves riding horses and discovering new places.

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Latin America Turns to iPhone App to Take Hammerhead Sharks Off the Chopping Block

  28 February 2013

Countries across Latin America are on a mission to get hammerheads onto the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (Cites) list for protection. They’re armed with a new iPhone app that promises to make fin identification quick and easy. Listing the sharks would help fund financially strapped programs in Latin America and restrict global trade.

Chile: Waste Pickers Rummage for Legal Recognition

  12 August 2011

Environmentalist Bharati Chaturvedi flew for 40 hours from her home Delhi, India, to dig deeper into a dirty issue: trash. As politicians in Chile discuss recycling on a national level, Chaturvedi encourages that those who collect trash professionally, or “waste pickers,” be included in the solution.

Chile: Police and Students Clash in Unauthorized Education Protest

  5 August 2011

Hundreds of Chilean students, fighting to overhaul their education system, clashed with an intensified police force as they protested without permission on Thursday through the center of capital Santiago. The protest sky-rocketed to the top of the city's trending topics on Twitter as students vented their growing frustrations.