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Currently studying a Master's in Applied Translation Studies at the University of Leeds, United Kingdom. Experience translating Spanish and Catalan language. Interest in journalism and current affairs.

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Report: Attacks on Argentinian Press Spiked in 2012

  2 April 2013

The Argentinian Journalism Forum released its 2012 edition of the Freedom of Expression Monitor, which reported a 41 percent rise in the number of attacks against the press. Political power represents the greatest danger for Argentinian journalists.

Panama Pins Hopes on Eight Olympic Athletes

  27 July 2012

Panama will attend the London 2012 Olympic games with eight athletes. The biggest hopeful is Irving Saladino, current Olympic long-jump champion. Netizens and some of the Panamanian athletes share their hopes and concerns on social networks.

Spain: Many Reasons to Take to the Streets on 12M

  12 May 2012

On 15 May in Spain the first anniversary of the 15M will be commemorated. The events begin on 12 May (12M) in cities and neighborhoods. Spanish netizens have been anticipating the commemoration for days. The hashtags #YoVoy12M (I'm Going 12M) and #ALaPlaza (To The Square) have been TTs in Spain and throughout the world.

Cuba: Who will the Pope Support?

  28 March 2012

Pope Benedict XVI arrived in Santiago de Cuba on Monday, the second visit by a Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church to the island in 14 years. The web, especially Twitter, has become a battleground for dissidents and government supporters.

Peru: The Water March Approaches Lima

  11 February 2012

The Water March, that left Cajamarca on February 1, is already approaching Lima, its final destination. In the previous post we left the Water March on its fifth day, leaving Chimbote for the city of Casma and then Huarmey. In this post we revisit the reports, videos and photos from the following days and the preparations for the arrival in Lima on February 9.

United States: Occupy Wall Street Also Speaks Spanish

  2 January 2012

Activist Mariné Pérez talks about coordinating the Spanish translation of the Occupy Wall Street Journal in New York, the relationship with traditional mass media, the impact of the removal of protesters from Zuccotti Park, and the plans to launch a new newspaper with original content in Spanish focused on the immigrant and Latino communities in the United States.

‘Developing Latin America': Open Data Projects

  27 December 2011

The 'Desarrollando Latin América' (Developing Latin America) competition, a public hackathon for creating technological solutions to education, security and budgetary problems in six countries in the region, took place on the 3rd and 4th of December. Juan Arellano, who acted as a judge in Lima (Peru), summarises the results and the reactions from the participants.

Argentina: Justice System Orders Blockage of Series and Film Site Cuevana.tv

  13 December 2011

Few Argentinian websites have achieved the same success and impact as Cuevana, the Argentinian site for watching films and TV series online. The great popularity of the site, however, has also meant that it has been presented with lawsuits from the organisations that own the copyrights to the content shown on the site: Turner Argentina and HBO.