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Philippines: Former President Arrested

  19 November 2011

Former Philippine President Gloria Arroyo has been placed under 'hospital arrest' after she was charged with electoral sabotage. Online reactions made the hashtag #ArroyoArrest one of the trending topics worldwide.

Philippines: Hillary Clinton visit met with protest

  18 November 2011

United States State Secretary Hillary Clinton's November 15-16 visit to the Philippine capital Manila was met with protests against the ‘continuing U.S. stranglehold over the Philippine economy, military, politics and foreign relations.’

Philippines: Calls for Peace in Mindanao

  3 November 2011

Renewed fighting between government troops and secessionist Moro rebels in the southern Philippine regions of Mindanao has led to more calls for peace from various quarters. The escalation of war has not only derailed the peace process but has displaced thousands of innocent civilians

Philippines: Average internet speed

  2 November 2011

Snippets from a white paper by Akamai presented in the blog New Media Philippines reveals that the average internet speed in the Philippines is 1.2 Mbps. This is behind the international average speed of 2.6 Mbps and makes the Philippines rank 103 in terms of average internet speed globally.

Philippines: Tributes for Murdered Italian Missionary

  2 November 2011

Father Fausto Tentorio was an Italian missionary serving indigenous communities in the hinterlands of the southern Philippine island of Mindanao. His cold-blooded murder, alleged by state forces, has drawn widespread indignation and tributes for the well-loved missionary.