Karlo Mongaya · February, 2009

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Philippines: Dumaguete Flood

  11 February 2009

The roads of Dumaguete suddenly became rivers when heavy rains battered the central Philippine city over the weekend. I Hate My Job shares his account of the flooding along with photos and videos. He also posted more pictures of the destruction left in the flood's aftermath. Meanwhile, Anthology of Snippets...

Philippines: Baro At Saya

  11 February 2009

One Sixth Sense posts photos of a doll donning different variations of the baro at saya, the Philippine national dress.

Philippines: Five Years in College

  10 February 2009

I am Kylex disagrees with the proposals to add one more year to the four-year college curriculum in the Philippines. “We are currently facing on so-called ‘global financial crisis’. Many Filipinos outside and inside the country are now jobless because of that… Many of us cannot afford to go to...

Corruption in the Philippines

  10 February 2009

Rebelmind comments on the recent scuffle between World Bank officials and the Philippine government on the issue of corruption. “Whom to believe… is a no-brainer. It’s not that the World Bank is a bastion of integrity (usurers are not saints, right?); it’s just that the dollars used for the projects...

On Overseas Filipino Workers

  7 February 2009

That Word in Me reflects about Overseas Filipino Worker (OFWs). “OFWs are not heroes. They don’t work abroad so they can help ‘alleviate’ our country’s economic status by their remittances… There are very little jobs that can sustain an ordinary Filipino and I bet if he had a choice, he’d...