Karlo Mongaya · December, 2008

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Philippines: Watching Pinoy Big Brother

  24 December 2008

Overwrite views the popular reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother from a Baudrillardian lense: ‘When one watches the show, where is the center-point? Who is watching who? And which side stands on reality? Does it mean that the actors are showcasing reality because they are in the “reality show”? Or...

Translation and Literature in the Philippines

  18 December 2008

Cebuano poet Adonis Durado posts an article on the importance of translation for literary development in the Philippines. Durado recently launched his book of Cebuano poems, Dili Tanang Matagak Mahagbong [fil] (trans. Not All That Drop Falls).

New film on Philippine revolution

  18 December 2008

FeudArt posts trailers and a backgrounder of Baler, a new film based on events during the Philippine revolution against Spanish colonizers at the end of the 19th Century.

Philippines: War in Mindanao

  11 December 2008

A Mindanao-born student explains that the number one reason for the unresolved conflict in the southern Philippines is the national government's disregard of the Moro people's right to self-determination.

Philippines: Surprised by Boxer's Easy Victory

  8 December 2008

Rev. Edicio dela Torre shares his countrymen's surprise at Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao's easy victory over Oscar de la Hoya in last Sunday's match. “We were all heavily influenced by the media hype about de la Hoya,” he said.

Philippines: Christmas Caroling

  1 December 2008

My Cebu Photo Blog shares photos and a video of a grandfather and grandson duo Christmas caroling with an improvised xylophone attached to a bicycle in downtown Cebu City, Philippines.