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India: Politics and Technology

  26 April 2007

Blogging about IT and technology is common topic for many Indian bloggers. The technology sector is the engine that is pulling the great Indian train forward in fits and starts and it seems that there be a change in the engine crew. President  Kalam's tenure as the President is coming to...

India and Bollywood Buzz

  20 April 2007

This week Bollywood was the dominant topic of conversation among bloggers. Bollywood dominated for a couple of reasons.  The first one is the wedding of the year or the decade or the century however you want to dub it. If you missed the news then here it is: Bollywood's hottest pair...

India: Child Abuse, The Other Half and NRIs

  12 April 2007

A few days ago a study about child sexual abuse in India was released and the findings of the study were pretty disturbing. If you recollect Mira Nair's movie “The Monsoon Wedding” had an underlying theme of child abuse in India, and that was probably the first time that this...

India and its various avatars

  6 April 2007

India: there are many facets to the country, and in this post we present a slice of how India is perceived by different people. Each writer is looking at India from a different angle and sees a different avatar of the country. Some look at India from a comparative perspective and...