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Philippines: SIM cards – to register or not to register?

  30 January 2011

The mandatory cell phone SIM card registration proposal continues to generate an intense online debate in the Philippines as bloggers share their views whether the measure will be an effective anti-terror tool. Here are more voices from the Philippine blogosphere.

Philippines: The ‘Big Bad Blogger’ controversy

  25 January 2011

A story about a 'big bad blogger' in the Philippines who is allegedly in cahoots with a public relations firm in an extortion racket targeting an unnamed restaurant owner has caused a great stir among Filipino bloggers. Here are some reactions

Filipino Netizens Debate Proposed Broadband Caps

  9 January 2011

The provision in a draft memorandum by the Philippine National Telecommunications Commission allowing Internet Service Providers to set a maximum volume of data a subscriber can consume in a day has sparked debate and on-line movements among Filipino internet users.

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