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Deadly Storm in the Philippines: “Everything was flying. It was surreal.”

  11 December 2012

Father Joel Tabora summarizes the extent of damage left by Typhoon Pablo in Southern Philippines: "Entering the Municipality of Compostela was like entering a warzone, its hectares and hectares of banana and fruit trees flattened. People there have no food. No potable water. No signal. Electricity is expected to return after at least two months."

Philippines: Filipinos Abuzz With Miss Universe Results

  17 September 2011

And third runner up goes to…Miss Philippines! Shamcey Supsup's success has been the cause for much celebration and cheering in the Philippines at the conclusion of the 2011 Miss Universe Beauty Pageant held at Sao Paolo, Brazil. Filipinos both online and offline are talking about the result.

Filipinos Commemorate Jose Rizal's 150th birthday

  29 June 2011

Jose Rizal is the Philippines' national hero and one of the first Asian leaders and intellectuals who advocated freedom from colonial rule through peaceful means in late 19th century. His 150th birth anniversary this month was a huge celebration in the country. Netizens actively discussed his rich legacy and continuing relevance.

Philippines: Debate on Divorce Bill

  3 June 2011

With Malta's approval of divorce, the Philippines is now the only country in the world that prohibits it. There is now a raging debate on whether it is time to pass a divorce law which is being fiercely opposed by the powerful Philippine Catholic Church.

Philippines: ‘Goodbye Friendster’

  2 May 2011

Social network site Friendster will become a 'social entertainment' site soon and it will delete the profile content of its users at the end of the month. Many Filipinos react with a hint of sadness considering that the Philippines was Friendster's biggest market for many years

Philippines: World Boxing Champ Knocked-out on Twitter

  23 March 2011

Philippine Congressman Manny Pacquiao is the world's best ‘pound-for-pound' fighter but he was 'knocked-out' on twitter when netizens criticized him for being absent in an important session of Congress and for sending 'strange' tweets online. Pacquiao has since then deleted his twitter account.

Philippines: Bloggers Dispel Japan Nuclear Scare Hoax

  16 March 2011

Hoax messages that sow unfounded fear and panic in the public about Japan's nuclear problems like avoiding acid rain and radiation exposure are circulating in the Philippines. Bloggers are quick in coming out to prove that the messages are false

Philippines: Netizens react to suicide of former Army chief

  13 February 2011

Filipinos were shocked to learn that Angelo Reyes, the country's former military chief and Cabinet Secretary of National Defense, Energy and Local Government has died in an apparent suicide. Reyes was being investigated by the Senate about the alleged corruption in the military. Here are blog reactions.

Philippines: SIM cards – to register or not to register?

  30 January 2011

The mandatory cell phone SIM card registration proposal continues to generate an intense online debate in the Philippines as bloggers share their views whether the measure will be an effective anti-terror tool. Here are more voices from the Philippine blogosphere.

Philippines: The ‘Big Bad Blogger’ controversy

  25 January 2011

A story about a 'big bad blogger' in the Philippines who is allegedly in cahoots with a public relations firm in an extortion racket targeting an unnamed restaurant owner has caused a great stir among Filipino bloggers. Here are some reactions

Filipino Netizens Debate Proposed Broadband Caps

  9 January 2011

The provision in a draft memorandum by the Philippine National Telecommunications Commission allowing Internet Service Providers to set a maximum volume of data a subscriber can consume in a day has sparked debate and on-line movements among Filipino internet users.

Philippines: Filipinos welcome new year with new banknotes

  26 December 2010

The Philippine Central Bank has issued a new set of generation bank notes which features not only improved security measures, but more so it heralds a new design highlighting historical events, figures in history and tourist spots in the country. But experts instantly detected errors in the new banknotes. Bloggers react

Philippines: Court Decision on Vizconde Massacre Shocks Public

  16 December 2010

Early this week #Vizconde and #HubertWebb became Twitter trending topics. They refer to the Vizconde Massacre which took place 19 years ago in the Philippines and the acquittal of Hubert Webb, the main suspect in the case. Find out why Filipinos reacted strongly to the decision of the court to acquit the suspects.

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