Juhie Bhatia · September, 2008

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China: Infant Formula Scandal Highlights Decline in Breastfeeding

  24 September 2008

Health authorities in China reported this week that nearly 53,000 children have become sick after consuming tainted infant formula. As the effects of these contaminated dairy products become more widespread, many are discussing the alternative to formula — breastfeeding. The scandal erupted earlier this month when Sanlu, China's top-selling infant...

Russia: Intravenous Drug Use Leading Cause of HIV/AIDS

  20 September 2008

While sub-Saharan Africa remains the region most heavily affected by HIV, a UNAIDS report says that some of the most worrisome increases in new infections are happening in other places, such as Russia. Many HIV/AIDS experts have also expressed concerns that Russia, as well as other former Soviet Union states,...

East and South Asia: Suicide By Pesticide Ingestion Common

  6 September 2008

As World Suicide Prevention Day approaches on September 10, a new study reaffirms that suicide is frequently committed by ingesting pesticides in many Asian countries. The study analyzed preferred suicide methods across the world to help policy makers devise the best strategies for suicide prevention. On average, almost 3000 people...