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East Timor reported by the Lusophone Blogosphere

  29 May 2006

Seven years after the end of Indonesian rule -- becoming the newest world nation in May 2002 -- and having gone through what was viewed as a successful nation building and independence process led by the UN, East Timor is once again facing deep unrest. The last weeks since the reported clashes of April 28th have shown escalating violence and by now the Lusophone blogosphere is starting to speculate about the real forces behind the recent events.

Bruna Little Surfer: blog turns into book, call girl turns into writer

  15 May 2006

Bruna Little Surfer is how she became known, the Brazilian blogger named Rachel Pacheco turned celebrity while posting in her online diary details about her job as a call girl. The mainstream media is emphasizing the "tramp-to-celebrity" phenomenon more than the blogosphere which is providing some very interesting discussion.

Brazilian Gangs Wage War On Police

  15 May 2006

One of Brazil's biggest gangs, the First Capital Command (of First Command of the Capital -- PCC), took the fight to Sao Paulo's government developing a wave of co-ordinated violence since Friday.

Bolivian gas sets Brazilian political debate on fire

  9 May 2006

The Bolivian president Evo Morales has put president Lula in a difficult position. In a move to fulfill his campaign promise of nationalizing oil and gas in Bolivia, he published a decree that affected directly Petrobras, the Brazilian state-owned oil prospection company.

Brazil raps about transition to digital TV

  2 May 2006

It is in a year where Brazilians will face a World Cup -- and hot presidential elections -- that the debate about the digital TV implementation is arriving in Brazil. The open network is one more time sheltering the most productive exchange of ideas and arguments on the issue.