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My full name is Jose Manuel Tesoro, but everyone calls me Joel. My hometown is Manila. For most of the 1990s, except for eight months as a student in Myanmar (Burma), I was a print journalist who covered East and South East Asia, first as a staff writer in Hong Kong for Asiaweek and then as Jakarta correspondent for the magazine. I wrote The Invisible Palace, a true account of a journalist's murder in Java, which was named a 2005 Kiriyama Prize Notable Book in Non-Fiction. Now I'm a third-year student at Harvard Law School, where I study transnational federalism, regulation and the evolving Internet.
[Editor's note: Sadly, Joel passed away at the end of 2008 and is missed and remembered by his friends at Global Voices]

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Philippines: Blogging Humanity

  29 March 2006

San Juan Gossip Mills Outlet gives thanks for all the people he's met through blogging. He writes: “All in all, friend or foe come home to nest in their respective blogdoms and visit other people’s sites either to spite, anger, inspire or simply thank each other. In short, humanity abounds...

Myanmar: Growing Army

  29 March 2006

Burma Digest looks at how Myanmar's military has doubled in the past 15 years even as its neighbors have reduced the numbers of their soldiers.

Malaysia: Chinese Taxes

  29 March 2006

Anak Merdeka reacts to an amazing statement by Malaysia's former PM Mahathir Mohamad that Malaysia's development had been funded largely by taxes paid by ethnic Chinese — and not Malay — Malaysians.

Malaysia: Rising Islamism?

  27 March 2006

Colors of Life worries that, as Islamist political power rises in the country, the dice has been cast against a “Malaysian” Malaysia.

Philippines: More on Rent Control

  27 March 2006

Another Hundred Years Hence responds to a reader, a Filipino-American who owns some apartment buildings in New York, who argues that rent control may help the urban poor stay in cities and protect them from gentrification.

Singapore: Staying Skeptical of Scripture

  27 March 2006

Singapore's Salt * Wet * Fish reposts a 2004 entry from his old LiveJournal that continues to have resonance: a reflection on a passage by Buddhist nun Thich Nhat Hanh on remembering that spiritual texts are meant to provoke insight, and should not always be taken on face value.

Thailand: Dodging the Question

  27 March 2006

Thai blog Bookish reflects on the beleaguered Thai PM's evasion of a question posed to him on a TV talk show: Did he make a mistake transferring his company's shares to his son rather than to a blind trust, as required by the Thai constitution?

Vietnam: Painted Scrolls

  24 March 2006

Six Months in Hanoi asks for help identifying the imagery in two painted scrolls he brought back with him from Vietnam.

Singapore: Playing the Game Counts

  24 March 2006

Wormie takes issue with those in Singapore complaining it was a waste of money to send a losing team to the Commonwealth Games. “Winning or losing is not everything in sports, it is about participating to the best of one's ability. Along the way in our quest for excellence we...

Singapore: No Longer Anonymous

  24 March 2006

Mr. Wang Bakes Good Karma, commenting on the rising prominence of local bloggers in the media, thinks the old belief that bloggers are anonymous is no longer true: “So I don't think it's fair at all for the MSM to keep harping on the point that bloggers are anonymous. They're...

Thailand, Singapore: Crashing Investment

  24 March 2006

Singapore Election Watch reposts a forum comment by someone pointing out that the value of state-owned Temasek Holdings’ controversial investment in Thailand's Shin Corp. — which triggered a political crisis in Bangkok — has plummeted, costing Singaporeans $2.21 billion in three days.

Singapore: Leaving Home

  24 March 2006

agrain of sand has a dilemma: “How to tell my parents that Singapore isn’t really my home anymore? I mean, yes, they are back there, I grew up there, they took care of me there, but how do you call home a place where you haven’t lived in years, and...

Thailand: Boycott and Democracy

  23 March 2006

Chemical Generation Singapore thinks that Thai opposition's decision to boycott the coming snap elections is a strategic miscalculation and bad for democracy.

Philippines: Dress Codes

  23 March 2006

Jove Francisco asks if whether the Philippine press corps’ decision to dress “up” or “down” reflects their level of respect for the President.

Myanmar: Material Support

  23 March 2006

Burma Underground discusses the hypocrisy of the U.S. government opposing the Myanmar junta while denying thousands of Myanmar refugees resettlement in the U.S. because of purported “material support” to terrorists.

Indonesia: Tolerance for Terror

  23 March 2006

Sarapan Ekonomi worries about a recent survey result that indicate 11% of Indonesians – or 24.2 million people – think terrorist attacks are OK.

Cambodia: Gentle Tactics

  23 March 2006

Maytel 2020 talks about how Cambodians’ gentleness is really a strategy for survival. “Having observed the natural and unassuming bodily gestures of village life I can say undoubtedly that the perception that Khmers and southeast asians in general are all sweetness and light is simply untrue. They are just like...

Singapore, Malaysia: Comparing Educational Systems

  22 March 2006

Rajan Rishyakaran recently got his exam results back. That got him writing about the differences between the Singapore and Malaysian systems of education. Singapore's is highly competitive and meritocratic while Malaysia's has affirmative racial discrimination.