Jon Lebkowsky is CEO of Polycot, an innovative team of Internet technology experts with broad experience creating and managing information systems for businesses and nonprofit organizations. An authority on and evangelist for computer-mediated communications, virtual communities, and online social networks, he has worked as a project manager, systems analyst, technology director, and online community developer. His current consulting practice focuses on nonprofit and commercial web strategy and effective use of online social technologies.

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Emergency Action Blog initiative

  28 December 2004

After the tsunami disaster in Southeast Asia, bloggers from India quickly set up The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami blog for news and information about resources, aid, donations and volunteer efforts. This blog's an invaluable coordination effort, and it pointed to the need for a more robust and permanent site...

GV Covenant: Spanish version

  27 December 2004

The Global Voices covenant in Spanish, thanks to Ricardo Bello: Creemos en la libertad de expresión: en proteger el derecho a hablar – y el derecho a escuchar. Creemos en el acceso universal a las herramientas de expresión. Con ese fin, queremos empoderar a todos los que deseen expresarse para...

Global Voices Covenant 0.2

  23 December 2004

SJ has posted a frozen version of the Global Voices Manifesto, renamed the Global Voices Covenant (version 0.2). The current version: We believe in free speech: in protecting the right to speak — and the right to listen. We believe in universal access to the tools of speech. To that...