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Trinidad & Tobago: The Enigma of V.S. Naipaul

  8 May 2007

Recently, Nobel-prize-winning author Sir VS Naipaul paid a visit to Trinidad and Tobago, the country of his birth, the place from which he migrated as a young man to England, where he has lived ever since. He was in Trinidad as a guest of the University of the West Indies for a week of celebrations (April 16 to 20) in honour of the 75th year of his birth.

We reach: Indian Arrival Day in Trinidad

  1 June 2006

On May 30 Trinidad and Tobago celebrated Indian Arrival Day, a holiday commemorating the first wave of migration to the islands from India, in 1845. The immigrants came as indentured labourers, bound for the sugar estates, replacements, as Dr. Roi Kwabena reminds us, for the newly-emancipated African slaves. The indentureship...