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Child Soldiers in the DRC

  2 May 2005

WITNESS – Child Soldiers in the DRC Since 1996, war has ravaged the Democratic Republic of Congo. Some four million people have died as a result of the armed conflict and over ten thousand children have been used as child soldiers. Today, the country is in fragile transition, with over...

Global Voices on Omidyar Network

  15 January 2005

I just set up a request for a group on the Omidyar Network. If you haven't been there yet, give it a whirl. It's a very interesting community based on a wiki/blog system with a reputation system that is quite interesting. It's an interesting not-the-usual-members mix. Since GV is a...

Manifesto session next steps

  12 December 2004

I just uploaded the log of the IRC session for the Global Voice manifesto session. It definitely needs to be edited. I'll try to do it soon, but if someone else wants to take a shot, be my guest. If you're going to work on it please comment here so...


  12 December 2004

A lot of the virality stuff I talked about yesterday came from discussions with Jonah Peretti who did ForwardTrack and Reid Hoffman, the former SVP of PayPal, Francesco Cara and Marko Ahtisaari. If anyone is interested in going down this rat hole any further, I will try to put a...