Jillian C. York · February, 2011

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Arab World: The Great Social Media Debate

  21 February 2011

For months it seems, a debate has been raging over the role of social media in demonstrations. More recently, that debate has focused on Tunisia and Egypt, where sites like Facebook and Twitter were prominent in the organizing of protests. Here's one element of that debate, from Twitter.

Morocco: Portraits of a Protest

  21 February 2011

Few captured the February 20, 2011 protests in Morocco as beautifully as Omar El Hyani, whose photos from Rabat were linked to by The Nation and posted on the blog Mamfakinch. Here we pick a selection of the best images.

Morocco: Across the Nation, Demonstration

  20 February 2011

In the broader context of the Arab world, Morocco has one particularly unique feature: Whereas other countries in the region often have two cities of importance, Morocco has six...at least. Jillian C. York reports on online activity from Morocco's most important hubs.

Egypt: Cleaning Tahrir

  12 February 2011

For the past few weeks, as Egyptians "cleaned" their country of a dictatorship, Tahrir Square was full of people, full of joy, and as a result, full of things to clean up. Today, Egyptians share the news that the square is fully cleaned, and better than when they found it.

Bahrain: Valentine's Day or a Day of Anger?

  5 February 2011

In Bahrain, both online and off, residents have expressed solidarity with Egyptians, even holding a protest at the Egyptian embassy on February 4. Though the rally was largely a solidarity action, for Bahrain's own opposition, the protest--which was sanctioned with a permit by the government--was an opportunity to vent their own concerns.